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I’m Shruti.
Two years ago, I moved from India to Germany in search of a new personal and professional adventure. I wanted to push beyond what had become a comfortable, familiar life in my homeland.
On this website, I share my travel tips for fellow millennials who juggle full time jobs and an active wanderlust. The struggle is real! I also share my travel blogging tips for those of you who’d like to embrace a nomadic career.

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What’s The Best Time To Travel To Europe? Answered!

Thinking of traveling to Europe, but don’t know what’s the best time to travel? This post will help you figure that out! As in most other places, the travel seasons are sorted into three major ones, peak, shoulder and off-season with each having its own advantages and...

The Only Europe Trip Planner Guide You Need

Announcing my Europe Trip Planner Guide (ebook)! Convinced? Buy the book here: Buy The Book The first time I landed in Europe, all alone, I was quite overwhelmed. As someone who had lived most of her life in India and only ever travelled within Asia, Europe felt like...

The Ultimate Europe Backpacking Route

Looking for a Europe backpacking route? For a continent as large and as diverse as Europe, the sky is really the limit. Creating a backpacking itinerary is no easy task especially if you have limited time and budget. You can check out how to create an itinerary step...

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