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I’m Shruti.
Two years ago, I moved from India to Germany in search of a new personal and professional adventure. I wanted to push beyond what had become a comfortable, familiar life in my homeland.
On this website, I share my travel tips for fellow millennials who juggle full time jobs and an active wanderlust. The struggle is real! I also share my travel blogging tips for those of you who’d like to embrace a nomadic career.

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The Only Europe Trip Planner Guide You Need

Announcing my Europe Trip Planner Guide (ebook)! Convinced? Buy the book here: Buy The Book The first time I landed in Europe, all alone, I was quite overwhelmed. As someone who had lived most of her life in India and only ever travelled within Asia, Europe felt like...

The Ultimate Europe Backpacking Route

Looking for a Europe backpacking route? For a continent as large and as diverse as Europe, the sky is really the limit. Creating a backpacking itinerary is no easy task especially if you have limited time and budget. You can check out how to create an itinerary step...

3 Sample Two Week Europe Itineraries That Will Delight You

Planning to travel to Europe but struggling to come up with itinerary ideas? I am well aware of that feeling. Often, when you haven't already travelled to a continent, it can be overwhelming to start planning from scratch. If you need a step by step Europe trip...

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