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The Cheapest Places In Europe To Live For Nomadic Souls

If you are a nomadic soul who has always dreamt of living abroad and tired of the Bali overkill, I'm here to tell you there are cheap places in Europe to live! Contrary to popular belief, there ARE cities in Europe where you can live for cheap.  Maybe not Hanoi...

7 Travel Apps For Europe To Save You A Ton Of Time And Money

We live in a world of over-information, and this is as true for travel as it is for any other industry in the world. This is why, writing about travel apps for Europe, especially for first-time or new travelers is much needed. As someone who not only travels to Europe...

How To Use Pinterest Group Boards And 150 Boards You Can Join

In this post, you will learn what are group boards, how to join them and why you need to join them. In the end, you will also find 150+ free Pinterest group boards that you can join right away! [irp posts="12363" name="7 Amateur Blogging Mistakes I Wish Someone Had...

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I’m the founder of Indian Girling. I’m a digital marketer and travel blogger rolled into one.

Two years ago, I left my post-MBA life in India to chase a new adventure.

After living in four different countries, I now call Germany home and share my tips on how to travel Europe on a budget.

Apart from travel, I also love yoga, masala chai and wasting a ton of time on Instagram. Follow me to know how to travel the world and how to make a living from blogging! 


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