About Indian Girling


I’m the founder of Indian Girling. I’m a digital marketer and travel blogger rolled into one.

Two years ago, I left my post-MBA life in India to chase a new adventure.

After living in four different countries, I now call Germany home and share my tips on how to travel Europe on a budget.

Apart from travel, I also love yoga, masala chai and wasting a ton of time on Instagram. Follow me to know how to travel the world and how to make a living from blogging! 


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Everything You Need To Know About The Smart Travel Super Bundle

SALE ENDS 21.07.2019 One of my favourite online marketing companies called Ultimate Bundles has just launched their Smart Travel Super Bundle for the first time and my excitement is through the roof. They do this awesome thing where they combine amazing products from...

7 Amateur Blogging Mistakes I Wish Someone Had Warned Me About

You know how they say, hindsight is 20/20? Yep, that! It took me over two years of blogging (hobby and serious) to get why some people are able to master their traffic and income and why some never will. To get why amateur bloggers are called that for a reason. I want...

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