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I’m the founder and editor of Indian Girling. I’m a digital marketer and travel blogger rolled into one.

Two years ago, I left my post-MBA life in India to chase a new adventure.

After living in four different countries, I now call Germany home and share my tips on how to travel smarter, cheaper and longer.

Apart from travel, I also love yoga, masala chai and wasting a ton of time on Instagram. Follow me to know how to travel the world and how to make money while doing it! 😉



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How to Spend 4 Weeks in Europe & How Much To Budget

Planning a trip to Europe can be a ginormous process. Yes, I totally said ginormous.  To help you create your dream Europe travel itinerary for four weeks or a month, this post will take you through two of my favourite European routes! <<<If you'd like...

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