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Italy is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. It has so much to offer that the only way to really see it is to keep returning to Italy!

You can explore the country for months and still feel that you have missed seeing so much of it still! This post will act as an Italy trip planner and help you figure out what to do if you only have 10 days in Italy. It will take you through the major cities, day trips, to things to see and do, what to eat and where to stay on your Italian trip!

Here’s the best way to see Italy in 10 days!

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The Ultimate Italy Trip Itinerary

Day 1-3 : Venice


Do you want to ride a gondola back in time? Then Venice is the place for you. It is built on more than 100 small islands and has no roads. You will find only canals here which makes this place a floating masterpiece. 

Top Things To Do In Venice

  • Take a Ferry to Murano, Burano and Torcello. Murano, Burano and Torcello are the three most famous islands near Venice.
  • Visit the Bridge of Sighs. Perhaps Venice’s most famous architectural jewel, the Bridge of Sighs is situated in the city centre near the Piazza San Marco.
  • Go to the Venetian Ghetto. It was the world’s first ghetto (in fact the word ghetto itself comes from Italian), established in 1516 when the Venetian Republic restricted Jews to this area of the city.
  • Head to St. Mark’s Square. St. Mark’s Basilica is the most famous building in Venice, St Mark’s Square is the most famous piazza.
  • Stroll or take a Gondola ride in Canale Grande: Venice has literally hundreds of canals that connect the various islands that make up the city, the largest of which is the Canale Grande.
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Where To Stay


Budget:  $40-$50 per night

Recommendation: Wombats Venice | Generator Venice


Budget: $100-$200 per night

Recommendation: Residenza La Loggia| Hotel Belle Arti

Must-Try Food

  • Sarde in saor: Consisting of fried sardine fillets marinated in vinegar, onions, raisins and pine nuts, saor was originally conceived in the Middle Ages as a method of preservation by Venetian sailors and fishermen.

Day 4-7 : Rome

Rome Photo

Rome, Italy’s capital offers one of the most exhilarating sights of the time long gone. Ancient icons such as the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Pantheon are quite a sight to see. Furthermore, you will be able to find many fountains here adding beautiful decor to the city’s captivating streets. You should not miss this city during the evening time when the tempo rises as there are a lot of activities happening on the streets with fashionable people descending towards the bar.

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Top Things To Do In Rome

  • Visit the Trevi Fountain- The world’s most famous fountain, a Baroque explosion of tritons, winged horses and drinking snakes, gleams bright as the teeth of the Cheshire Cat.
  • Marvel at the Colosseum- The biggest amphitheatre ever built and the ultimate symbol of imperial Rome.
  • Lounge at Galleria Borghese- A favourite among travellers to Rome, the Galleria Borghese is half-villa and half-museum, and it has some resplendent gardens too.
  • Head to St. Peter’s Basilica- The epicentre of Roman Catholicism, St. Peter’s Basilica is centred in Vatican City and open daily for free.
  • Stop by at the Roman Forum (Foro Romano)- Not as popular as the Colosseum (but located nearby), some say the Roman Forum is more interesting. The Roman Forum comprises much of the Ancient Rome’s most important structures, from shrines to government houses to monuments.

Where To Stay


Budget: $25- $35/night

Recommendation: Freedom Traveller| La Controra Hostel Rome


Budget: $80-$160/night

Recommendation: Hotel Cristoforo Colombo| Park Hotel Ginevra</span

Must-Try Food

  • Supplì: Any Roman will agree, the best way to whet your appetite before digging into a personal pizza is with fritti: deep-fried goodies that are tasty, comforting and oh-so-satisfying.
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Day 8-10: Cinque Terre


Cinque Terre is one of the most colourful and breath-taking region in Italy. If you want to see rugged coastlines as well as romantic seaside villages this place is for you. This town is very close to Milan, the main city of Italy and is one of the best spots to admire both sunrise and sunset over here.

It is made of 5 villages, namely – Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso. It is easy to hike from one village to another however you can also take trains to reach here.

Top Things To Do In Cinque Terre

  • Relax for a swim along the beautiful beaches. The coastline is as stunning to see from the sea as it is from land.
  • Go cliff-jumping. Are you an adrenaline junkie? Lucky for you, there’s a ton of cliffs you can jump from. Do heed to safety and try to go along with locals to be safe!
  • Watch the sunset at the harbour. Looking for a cheap but romantic date? Grab a pizza, a bottle of vino and head to the harbour to watch the beautiful sunset.
  • Plan a hiking trip. Based on the village that you stay in you can easily find hiking routes to neighbouring areas.

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Top 5 Experiences in Italy

#1 Try sky-diving

Yep! Sky diving is quite possible in Italy. This adventure can be experienced near Rome itself, an hour away from the main city called Nettuno. In fact, if you have enough time in hand you can also get certified as a sky diver.

The sky diving school – Crazy Fly operates on every weekend or during the holidays where people from different countries gather together for a jump. You would have to pay 210 EUR for a tandem jump.

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#2 Head to the Vatican


A country within a country – Vatican City. It is so small as a city with a population of only 1,000. Furthermore, you can cover an entire “country” within a day’s time. But despite its uniqueness Vatican City has a lot to offer in terms of history and learning about Christianity. Expect to spend a full day here if not more.

If you are travelling to Rome, Vatican City is highly recommended. It is home to Piazza San Pietro and St Peter’s Basilica. You can also visit the Vatican Palace as well as the Sistine Chapel which features the Creation of Adam. 

#3 Throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain

trevi fountain

Rome is not just about Colosseum or Vatican City for that matter, but Trevi Fountain in this majestic city should not be missed. Tourists come in great number to visit the Trevi Fountain and it is said that if you throw a coin in the fountain, you will be blessed with good luck and you will return to this great city someday.

The fountain is in Baroque style and during the night it is lit up due to the glittering marble creating a spectacular effect.

#4 Climb a volcano in Sicily

Sicily lies in the Southernmost tip of Italy as a separate island altogether. Since it is distant from the mainland, many people avoid going here. However, I would strongly suggest you to travel around this place and take a walking tour while playing in the fire.

Sicily has Italy’s active as well as one of the biggest volcanic mountain called Mount Etna where people either take a cable car or hike till there to see the volcano and it’s still smoking crater.

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#5 Take a day trip to Pompei

The history of Pompeii dates back to 79 AD when Mount Vesuvius erupted and covered the town in ash. Due to this all the life forms were left frozen and when Pompeii was excavated everyone understood the bygone area.

In Pompeii you will find open air museums that have preserved houses and forums, along with the relics of human forms who used to live here and left them in a sculpture from the eruption took place.

And there you have it. The perfect Italy itinerary! Let us know in the comments on your favourite places to visit in Italy!

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Budget Saving Tips For Travelers
  • Try couch-surfing with locals if you are looking to travel REALLY cheap.
  • Picnic, all day every day. Supermarkets in Italy are a delight and bakeries are even better. Mix, match and save money on food! 
  • Go far away from the centre to shop. The closer you are to hot tourist spots, the more expensive anything you buy will be. This includes souvenirs, food, et al.
  • Rent a scooter or a car to travel around the country, Public transport in Italy can be reliable and although it doesn’t break the bank if you book high-speed trains in advance, you may still be able to save money by renting cars/scooters along the way.
  • Prepare for never-ending walks. Want to skip out on a daily transport pass? Bring your walking shoes! The more comfortable the better. You can check out my other packing list essentials here.
  • Book popular tours in advance. Tours to the Vatican, Amalfi coast get booked out and are super expensive last minute. If you’d like to go on some guided tours while traveling in Italy, make sure to book them way in advance!

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