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Even the best of us suffer from self-doubt and lack of confidence on a day to day basis.

In this post, I want to share with you the 7 habits that women who are always confident have.

You’re going to want to read until the end.

#1 They know when to say “no”.

One of the most consistent traits among confident women is the ability to say “no”.

They know when they are being pushed over or asked to give more than they receive, and they know how to be polite, yet still turn the person down.

Not every request needs to be met with acceptance. They know when to stretch themselves and say yes and when to say no.

This is as true at work as it is at home.

#2 They don’t over-apologize.

Have you ever felt like you’re always saying sorry?

Even when you have done nothing wrong at all?

As women, we are often made to feel inferior throughout our lives.

And life is hard as it is, being overly apologetic makes us look weak.

If you’d like to be a confident woman, only say sorry when you really did something wrong.

Don’t apologize for speaking up, standing up for yourself or asking for what you deserve. Never.

#3 They go after what they want.

This trait is common amongst successful and confident women.

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They are comfortable setting goals, slashing them and celebrating their victories.

They don’t wait for someone to tell them what to do, but they go out there, take initiative and do it anyway.

#4 They are comfortable in their own skin.

Confident women know that they are not perfect.

They know that their bodies or personalities are not perfect.

Yet, they are comfortable in their own skin. After all, if you aren’t confident in your own skin, who else will be?

#5 They take action.

Perhaps a strong differentiator between women who are confident and not, is that confident women have a strong bias towards action.

Whether it’s working towards your goals, taking a tough decision for the future of their family or starting a new project at work, they TAKE action.

They don’t just plan and plan and never execute.

They plan AND they execute.

#6 They invest in learning.

No woman is born confident.

One of the sexiest things you can have in life is knowledge.

Confident women invest in themselves and in continuous learning to help them stay one step ahead of their peers.

This not only helps them get an edge at work but also at home and in society.

When you’re a well-learned confident woman, nothing can stand in your way!

#7 They work on loving themselves first.

Last, but definitely not least.
Confident women do not need external validation.

They don’t need someone else to tell them how amazing they are.

They know their true worth because they have worked long and hard at loving themselves first.

They know that if they don’t work on loving themselves first, no amount of external validation will ever suffice.

So, which of these 7 habits of confident women do you already have?


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