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We have often heard that successful people wake up early in the morning. There are many books, blogs, and articles stating the same. The common thing between all these successful people is not the time that they wake up at but they all follow a defined morning routine. The routine that they have built over the years, the routine that helps them start the day right, and the routine which helps them be more productive during the day.

Studies have shown that the willpower is strongest in the morning before any distractions come our way. Everyone’s ideal morning routine will be different, so here are morning habits of successful people that one can take inspiration from-

#1 Plan the Night Before

Morning Habits of successful people- Plan

Mornings are filled with constant decision-making processes one after the other. To minimize the same and to save time, it is better to plan the night before.

This could involve planning your outfit for the next day, planning your breakfast for the next, or simply creating small goals for the next day.

#2 Do not hit the Snooze button

Habits of Successful people- Stop hitting snoozing

We all have been guilty of snoozing too many times in the morning and then waking up late. It is like a habit that we have built over time and a habit that we all need to break!

Successful people wake up before their alarm goes off and that is a habit they have developed over time. They have trained their body to wake up at the same time every day and it follows a natural circadian rhythm.  

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The ideal way to wake up is on the first buzz of your alarm. When I say this, it does not mean you start running but get out of your bed and maybe walk around or stretch. It will give your body time to wake up. Once you start to set out to wake up with this intention, it will become a habit.

Few Fun Alarm Clocks To Have The Right Start To The Day-

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#3 Hydrate & Stretch

Habits of Successful people- Hydrate

As mentioned in the earlier point, STRETCH! The reason to stretch in the morning is to move your muscles, joints as they have not been used for 7-8 hours.

7-8 hours without water in the night, is the reason that one needs to hydrate their bodies in the morning. We often forget that our bodies are still working at the night when we sleep. All the repair work is done when we are gloriously in the slumber so when we wake up we need to nourish our body with some water.

Water is the elixir of LIFE!

#4. Put off checking your phone

Enjoying morning Silence
Photo by Dollar Gill on Unsplash

I think we all suffer from the case of FOMO- fear of missing out or knowing what happened when we were away from our phones. STOP!

We need to start appreciating our own thoughts in the morning instead of checking our phones. When you wake up, your body is already processing the cortisol hit that it has received and instead of increasing it, we need to lower it.

The one thing that successful people do before checking their phones, emails or social media is to soak up the morning silence, or journal. Sometimes our best ideas come to us in the morning.

Bonus tip– Do not sleep with your phone next to you on your nightstand. This will help you to avoid checking it the first thing in the morning

#5. Exercise

Morning habits of Successful people
Photo by Emily Sea on Unsplash

All successful people take out some time during the day to workout. It could be a 20-minute spinning class, a 30 minute run in the woods, or an hour of strength training.

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These people swear by this routine and have often said that a workout in the morning not only makes them productive during the rest of the day but it also ticks off one thing from their to-do list.

Starwood CEO Frits van Paaschen runs 10 miles each morning, and Christies CEO Steve Murphy does an hour of Yoga for mental clarity and to beat stress.

#6. Make your Bed

Morning habits of Successful people- Make your bed

As William H McRaven has said, ‘ If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed’.

Studies have shown that making your bed correlates to higher productivity and a greater sense of well being.

One of the other reasons to make your bed in the morning is that keeps the rest of your room tidy and organized. Keeping things organized in our environment also adds to being organized in our lives and declutters our thoughts.

Logically speaking once your bed is made, you will have less reason to get back in the bed. And once you come back from a productive day, you will have one a made bed to relax and unwind.

#7. Go through your To-do list for the day

To- do list for the day- Habits of successful people
Photo by Emma Matthews Digital Content Production on Unsplash

Once you have your thoughts cleared and the body is in productive mode, making a to-do list to conquer the rest of the day becomes important. The idea behind a to-do list is to prioritize the work and to make sure that goals are being achieved.

The mental clarity in the morning is the sharpest and it will be less likely that you will forget something.  Having a to-do list holds you accountable for what is planned during the day, sets your expectations, and helps you organize your time during the day.

Apart from being organized it also gives you a sense of accomplishment. As we set out to complete smaller goals, we set ourselves closer to achiever the bigger ones in our lives.

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