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If you are a nomadic soul who has always dreamt of living abroad and tired of the Bali overkill, I’m here to tell you there are cheap places in Europe to live!

Contrary to popular belief, there ARE cities in Europe where you can live for cheap. 

Maybe not Hanoi cheap, but cheap by European standards.

Two years ago, moving to Germany from India was NOT a cheap decision, but I did it anyway and I’m so happy that I did.

In this post, I will show you the cheapest places to live in Europe, the cost of living in Europe that can help you figure out the cheapest places for digital nomads!

Are you ready?


#1: Berlin, Germany

Berlin: Cheapest places in europe to live

No list would ever be complete without including this gorgeous city. 

Not only is Berlin the capital city of Germany but is an absolute DREAM for foreigners who would like to move to Europe and stay a few years.

Berlin is the startup capital of Western Europe and you can bet that at any given time a ton of people are trying to move to this city. This has made rents increase substantially while wages remain relatively stagnant.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking to be in the heart of Europe, with plenty of jobs, international people, culture and history, then Berlin makes an affordable and delightful option!

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Here’s a good overview by Nomad List for the expected costs of a short term stay (up to 3 months: Nomad Cost) and as an expat.

Cost of living in Berlin as a nomad


As someone who has been living in Germany for the last three years, I can say that it is definitely possible to live as an expat for less than $1200/month.

Granted, you would have to share your flat, limit going out and be cautious of where you spend your money. However, for the quality of life you get, $1200/month is a VERY decent amount.

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#2 Budapest, Hungary


One of my all-time favorite Eastern European countries, this city is not only one of the cheapest cities you can live in but also has a great international and expat community.

Thanks to being a large tourist hub, you can be assured you’ll never be bored. As the Eastern European economy takes off, so have the number of companies and jobs in this region that are open to hiring foreigners.

The language might still be a constraint when compared to counterparts like Berlin, but I am a strong believer in spending time learning the local language if you truly want to feel at home.

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The cost of living in Budapest is cheaper than anywhere in Western Europe, but the wages are considerably lower too.

if you plan to freelance or take up a short term role in this city, be prepared for being paid like a local as well.

Cost of Living in Budapest


At $1052/month as an expat, there’s not much to complain about though!

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#3 Prague, Czech Republic

Budapest cheapest places to live in Europe

Another drop-dead gorgeous city which also is a part of the gateway country between Eastern and Western Europe.

Prague is slightly more expensive compared to Budapest, but with a stronger economy, you are likely to earn more and have access to a better job scene.

Prague also happens to have an excellent international and vibrant community as many European students also move here to study.

This means you won’t likely only live in an expat bubble!


At $1547/month as an expat, Prague isn’t the cheapest place to live in Europe, but also not the most expensive. 

Prague cost of living


Does it help that food and pubs in Prague are EXCELLENT?

If you’re looking for a lively place with lots of young internationals and plenty of travel opportunities, Prague makes for an excellent choice to live in.

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#4 Kyiv, Ukraine

Kyiv ukraine

When people think of historic cities in Europe, one often thinks of Rome, Paris, Barcelona and the likes.

Kyiv or Kiev, the capital city of Europe makes for an excellent place to live in if you’d like to have access to beautiful architecture, affordable dining options and lots of shopping.

It’s also a good place to explore Ukraine and its neighboring countries.


While not the cheapest city to live in, it does come at a very affordable price tag!

If you’d like to start a company, the pool of highly qualified labor is also a good incentive to base your company here.

cost of living in kyiv ukraine


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#5 Lisbon, Portugal

lisbon, portugal

If learning Portuguese, sampling a ton of port wine, and surfing sound like your thing, then Lisbon would be an excellent place to live for you!

Thanks to the growing startup scene, Lisbon attracts a lot of digital nomads who want to take advantage of the cheap cost of living, great weather and cultural admiration.

I haven’t been to Lisbon but it’s definitely on my list!

Living in Lisbon you’re also ridiculously close to North Africa, hurray for more travel?

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Slightly more expensive than it’s Eastern European neighbors, I would gladly pay this premium for the extra sunshine and coastal access.

But that’s just me!

cost of living in lisbon


On the bright side, coffee is super cheap, EH? That’s a winner in my books!

Check out the cheapest places to stay in Lisbon  

#6 Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia cheapest places to live in Europe

Possibly the cheapest place to live in Europe on this list, Sofia is fast emerging as a digital nomad hub.

Thanks to super cheap rentals, high-speed WIFI and a vibrant community of young internationals.

If you’d like to explore the Balkan region and have access to other parts of Europe on a budget, Sofia in Bulgaria makes for an excellent choice!

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Sofia cost of living


At $800 per month as an expat, this city even beats out popular digital nomad hubs in Asia such as Canggu and Chiang Mai.

One would argue that over-tourism and over-digital-nomadism (yes, I make up my own words) has made those hubs not only more expensive but also harder to access.

If you love Balkan food as much as I do and have a tight budget, definitely look at this city!

Check out the cheapest hostels in Sofia  

#7 Tallinn, Estonia


I have traveled to over 20 countries in Europe and I have to say visiting Tallinn was a highlight.

This city is a perfect mix of old architecture mixed with modern buildings and the most advanced regulatory framework in Europe.

If you don’t know Estonia, e-residency program makes this nation unique in the way they have dealt with the whole digital nomad movement.

After having recently spent time in the country, I have to say I was impressed!

International cafes, co-working hubs, affordable dining options make for a very attractive city to live in.

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tallinn cost of living table


Tallinn comes out as slightly more expensive compared to the other cities on the list, but it makes up for the excellent regulatory framework.

As a freelancer or digital nomad who would like to set up a company in Europe with the least hassle, this country makes it possible.

Check out affordable places to stay in Tallinn  

#8 Warsaw, Poland

warsaw cheapest places to live in europe

The first city that I arrived in Europe, and the first country in Europe that I called home!

My bias for Warsaw is HUGE. And it’s definitely not one of the most expensive cities in Europe.

But personal favorite aside, I have to admit that Warsaw is an excellent place to live especially when you think of the value for money proposition.

Wages are higher than the other places on this list but at the same time, the cost of living is low enough to be affordable.

The nightlife in Warsaw is also excellent for someone who enjoys going out. In general, the language barrier tends to be HIGH as Polish is by no means an easy language.

If the language barrier is not a big concern, then Warsaw is a great contender.


cost of living in warsaw

For the fact that Warsaw is fairly well situated in the middle between Western and Eastern Europe, it also doesn’t cost a fortune to live here.

As an expat, you can live for less than $1200 per month and if you play your cards really well, it can be pushed down to $658/month.

How great is that? Another great contender for expats to live is in Krakow, Poland that is surrounded with cheap restaurants, a student friendly environment and a beautiful city to match. 

Check out the cheapest hostels in Warsaw  

#9 Bucharest, Romania

bucharest cheapest places to live in europe

When I think of Romania, I think of amazing landscape, Dracula castles, and vibrant culture.

It doesn’t hurt to know that Bucharest in Romania is not only a great hub for students but also for expats and digital nomads alike.

Bucharest is also home to miles of beautiful parks. If living in an old timeless city with a ton of natural beauty inspires you, then Bucharest is your muse!

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cost of living in bucharest romania


The average cost of living is around the same as Warsaw, yet the cities are a tad bit different.

While Warsaw is built with a lot of modern corporate hubs in mind, Bucharest still retains its old-world charm.

Check out the cheapest places to stay in Bucharest  

#10 Vilnius, Lithuania


Last on the list, but certainly not the least, is the gorgeous city of Vilnius, Lithuania.

Thanks to cheap airlines such as Ryan Air and Wizz Air, this city has now excellent and cheap connections to mainland Europe.

Not to mention, the entire Baltic region is accessible to you if you do decide to move here. 

The benefit of going to non-traditional nomad cities such as Berlin is that you benefit with a lower cost of living, competition and have a great chance to meet locals instead of just international people.


Vilnius cost of living


Coming close to Warsaw and Bucharest, Vilnius falls also in the budget range of less than $1200/month.

For a high quality of living in the Baltics and good connectivity you really don’t have much to think about if you do decide to move here.

Check out the cheapest places to stay in Vilnius  

Although there’s many more cities in Europe worth moving to, these sum up the top 10 cheapest places in Europe to live for you!


If you plan to move to one of the cheapest cities to live in the world, you might want to check out these additional resources to help you lower your costs!

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