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How to dress like a german girl in winter pinterest imageWhen I think of how to dress like a German girl, I’d think of comfort over fashion, functional over chic, dark over light, flats over heels…you get the hint.

Germans are notorious for being one of the least fashion forward countries in Europe, and I hate to say this but I have to agree. This may not be true in cities like Berlin or Munich or Cologne, but in smaller cities, it is definitely hard to find fashion forward people.

Having lived in Delhi and Bangalore for the last few years before I moved from India to Germany, and knowing just how colorful and fashionable Indian girls are (regardless of western or eastern clothes), it was definitely a hard switch.

Oftentimes, before I step out I have to re-evaluate my choice of colors or clothing if they are solid enough to mix well in the general crowd or will I get one too many infamous German stares.

In my opinion, if you’d like to dress more like a German girl or woman you could use the following ideas-

1. Jacket

For weather that is less than 5 degrees, a green/black/grey parka jacket would be the most popular choice. If it doubles up as a water-proof jacket, even better.

I am still to find women wearing a lot of coats that you’d normally see a lot more in Southern Europe. For weather that’s above 10 degrees, Germans love a good old black leather jacket.

Timeless, black and warm, that sounds good enough right? Light coats are spotted every now and then but they are far and few in between.

2. Denims

German women love their denims/jeans. Straight/Skinny type being the most common cut, add to that distressed or torn jeans is a hugely popular trend as well. I see skirts once in a few days, but they are reserved for formal occasions or work. I fail to understand why, but German women really love their jeans over skirts or even dresses. With that said, whether or not you’d like to dress like a german girl, go ahead and get yourself a fitted skirt and wear it with stockings in winter!

3. Dresses (or the lack thereof)

Even in India (famously known for conservative clothing), sometimes I can see more women wearing dresses than I do anywhere in Germany. This is especially true in pubs or in clubs unless it specifically asks to be clothed in “nice clothes” for entry. Even if you try very hard to be underdressed in a regular club you most likely won’t be. Someone would beat you to it with sweatpants or sport shoes. I have never lived in a country where the people dress as casually as they do for clubs in Germany. Especially so in winter.

4. Shoes

Apart from the regular use of various types of boots much like other painfully cold countries, white sneakers seem to be really popular. Being the primary European teenage and somewhat adult trend it seems to have not died its natural death yet. It’s here to stay and German women will make sure it does. That aside, women here do love their shoes. The more comfortable the better. Not running shoes, just flat walking shoes. I have perhaps seen one lady in the last one month walking around the town in pointed heels, and well that’s that. Heeled booties? Maybe yes, but nothing too dramatic or attention seeking.

5. Make-up

Most girls here prefer a well-defined eyes & eyebrows with a nude face look. Blush hasn’t really caught on much and most people try quite hard to have a neutral look about them. I have no comments on the same. Some days I roll with it. Some days, I miss a bright lip and add that in. It’s always safe not to go over-board with your make-up, especially at work since you will most likely stand out like a sore thumb, unless you head to a specific costume or theme party.

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6. Hair

Maybe its genetic that German women have straight hair or they really seem to love it. I see way more women with straight hair than I do with curly or even wavy hair unless its styler for an occasion.

Talking of hair colors, I definitely see the majority with light-colored or blondish hair and the minority with really dark hair. Going lighter is apparently a huge trend. Can’t say if its European in general or just German. Ombré and mixing colors is a hugely common sight as well.

In my opinion, Germany needs a lot more of individual style and experimentation than it currently has but until then, this should hopefully suffice!

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