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You are not the only one who has ever wondered how it is to dress like a german girl or what do german girls wear depending on the season?

I must say, I was pleasantly surprised by the on-set of colors that I saw walking around on average every day during summer. I have seen people in a variety of clothes primarily depending on the nature of the activity planned for the day. (Germans are nothing, if not good planners).

I secretly think everyone in Germany has a 10 year forward-looking calendar plan ever since they can read and write. I struggle most days to plan the next ten days of my life accurately. Coming back to the topic, if you happen to move fresh to Germany or plan to visit in the summer, here are things that would help dress like a German girl. (Sorry boys, I will find time to comment on your rolled up shorts later)

1) Shorts, Shorts, Shorts

In general, the shorter your shorts, the better. German summers can be deceivingly hot. If you plan on walking or biking a lot, nothing is more convenient than having a pair of shorts on. German girls know this too. I’ve seen many a butt cheeks peeping through extremely minuscule shorts, but hey whose complaining? At work, this might be a tad too casual, but for any other activity shorts seem perfectly acceptable. Choose between Denims/Cottons, whatever floats your boat!

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2) Floral/Off-shoulder/Tube Dresses

Even though I live in a place far away from a beach, I have often times seen women in clothes most appropriate for a tropic (there’s-a-beach-nearby) place. Whilst Germany was quite hot this summer (climate change etc.), the weather here is still a far cry from tropical. On the bright side, I get to wear things I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing in a non-beach area in Asia. The general rule of thumb here is: the brightness/strangeness of your outfit should be directly proportional to the brightness of the sun. Be sure to pack some floral, off-shoulder, no-shoulder, one-shoulder dresses, as you may deem fit.

3) Classic Sunglasses

In general, Germans do not have a flashy sense of style. Compared to the rainbow-colored sunglasses you would see donned by for example Italians in the summer, the Germans prefer a more classic style. It is extremely common to see wayfarers, aviators and other new designs but in subtle colors like black/deep red/brown. Reflectors can be seen during festivals and special events, but are usually the exception rather than the norm.

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4) Skirts

Far and few in between, German women have some how not really fully hopped on to the skirt wagon. I’d say the order of preference in summer goes like this: shorts followed by dresses followed by skirts followed by whatever else one can think of. If you plan on visiting Germany, you know now what to pack for the summer.

5) Sandals/Shoes

Heels are still uncommon, but wedges, and string-y sandals are more normal. As I had said in an earlier post, function over fashion. It’s common knowledge that heels are unbearably painful to walk in for longer than say ten minutes, not to mention you look stupid while attempting to walk on cobbled streets which are frequently present in German city centers. Sneakers remain incredibly popular throughout changing seasons, the lighter colored, the better.

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