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I’m Shruti.
Two years ago, I moved from India to Germany in search of a new personal and professional adventure. I wanted to push beyond what had become a comfortable, familiar life in my homeland.
On this website, I share my travel tips for fellow millennials who juggle full time jobs and an active wanderlust. The struggle is real! I also share my travel blogging tips for those of you who’d like to embrace a nomadic career.

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How To Create A Europe Trip Itinerary + Sample 1 Week Itineraries

Thinking of how to create the perfect Europe trip itinerary? One of the most overwhelming and yet critical parts of any vacation, is nailing the itinerary. However, when it comes to a continent as large as Europe, and as diverse as 50 odd countries, one can easily get...

The Complete Europe Travel Checklist

At this stage, you’re done with budgeting, planning, booking, applying for visas, packed and ready to fly to Europe! Check out my detailed Europe trip planner here. The type-A person that I am, I love creating and making sure I have everything I need a few weeks...

How Do Bloggers Make Money (and How You Can Too)

Just by the virtue of having a blog, you do not magically make money. Making money from a blog especially to a point where you draw a full time income per month is a question, many bloggers have. Some bloggers take years, some...

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