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I’m Shruti.
Two years ago, I moved from India to Germany in search of a new personal and professional adventure. I wanted to push beyond what had become a comfortable, familiar life in my homeland.
On this website, I share my travel tips for fellow millennials who juggle full time jobs and an active wanderlust. The struggle is real! I also share my travel blogging tips for those of you who’d like to embrace a nomadic career.

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The Complete Instagram Hashtags Cheatsheet For 2019

Social media, is here to stay. And Instagram is right at the centre of it. Whether you love or hate the platform, it is hard to deny the power of a social media channel where you have a reach of a billion people. As instagram hashtags are at the core of the platform,...

20 Blogging Tools To Enormously Improve Your Online Game

Anyone who takes blogging seriously knows just how much goes into creating  blog posts from start to finish. Everything from researching a topic, finding search worthy content, writing a kickass post, adding affiliate links, creating graphics, sharing them on various...

30 Travel Quotes To Inspire You To See The World

You know when you are heading on a holiday, writing in your journal or phone( more likely) and you think of travel quotes that aptly describe that very moment? I am the same! Although, I have to admit most times I am only doing it to post a caption on Instagram that I...

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