In this section, you’ll find a collection of all the resources and tools that I love, use and recommend to help me lead a better and more fulfilling life in all aspects.


  1. BOOKING.COM– Go-to booking platform for global bookings. I find this platform to be the most reliable and offer the widest selection and flexibility when it comes to handling all my accommodation needs.
  2. AIRBNB – If I’m looking to stay for a longer period, like a local or simply want a home stay instead of a commercial place, I use this platform. If you don’t have an account, you can use my referral code here to get $30 in travel credit.
  3. HOUSESITTER– If you’re looking to find a housesitter while on vacation or apply for a job to get access to free housing, this platform is quite amazing.  The downside is a one time annual fee but all your placements post that are free which is quite a catch if you plan to go to an expensive country!

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  1. SKYSCANNER– The platform I have used the most and absolutely love, especially when you are flexible on dates and can use the “Everywhere” option. Downside is no flight guarantee as its only an aggregator platform.
  2. KIWI– Also features the “Anywhere” option. If I travel alone, I use this platform as the prices are more or less the same as skyscanner, but I get the added Kiwi Guarantee without having to pay extra which is amazing if your flight gets late or cancelled.
  3. CLEARTRIP– The only platform I use when I book flights in India or in Asia.
  4. CHEAP FLIGHTS– Another solid platform to find the cheapest flights and travel deals globally. I used them while backpacking Europe and found some truly cheap offers.

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  1. World Nomads– Flexible, Cheap, Made For Travelers by Travelers. You can book and claim online from anywhere, anytime.
  2. iVisa– The easiest platform to check, apply and receive your visa no matter where you are in the world.
  1. Tour Radar – Not only the best offers of tours worldwide, but they regularly run the most amazing contests too.
  2. Contiki Tours- The most exciting tour company for people in the 18-35 age group. As a student or a solo traveler this is definitely a platform worth checking out!
  3. Sightseeing Pass (US Only)– Avoid wandering around in tourist offices and get your city passes (with great deals in advance) using this platform. Unfortunately, only US audience has access to it for now. Here’s to hoping it comes soon to Europe too!
  1. LYCA DIGITAL-(Hurry. 66% off on SIM + Plan. Buy your International SIM Card today! ) Excellent international calling plans and the cheapest and most reliable network I found while travelling, especially for Europe!



TRANSFER WISE – I use this platform not only to send money abroad but also as a borderless account. The feature is new and allows you to hold and manage money in 40 currencies! I use this as a protection to avoid paying exchange rate charges each time I am in a new country and works excellent as a back-up account and card.

N 26– For expats and travellers that love to have an online bank on the go, connected to Transferwise, you MUST consider opening an account with this mobile bank. Its’s poised to be a game changer for millennial banking.

MONEY GRAM– Extremely popular in Germany, and a good way to send money for cheap especially if you’re looking for a store with physical presence. In this aspect, Money Gram beats Transferwise, as the latter is a pure online platform.

PAYPAL– If you don’t actually want an international account, but would like to be able to pay and receive payments online, having a Paypal account really helps!  This one is especially great for people who have online businesses or often receive payments from international sources.

E-TORO– If you earn a regular income and are looking to diversify your investments, then this platform will give you that. Besides being the world’s leading social trading platform, it also offers you the possibility to invest in cryptocurrencies, ETF’s and various global stocks and indices.



iTalki – A neat little handy tool to learn any language online. The idea is for it to be a social network where you can find teachers and even teach people how to learn (for money, yay!). It works best when you have limited time and would love to find tandem partners around the world to practise the language you want to learn!

GERMAN- My favourite books for beginners and intermediate learners!

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  1. SiteGround– I use this to host my website and i have written a detailed post here on how to set up and run your blog in ten easy steps.
  2. Tailwind– Everyone who has a blog in travel, lifestyle, fashion, beauty or personal development should check out this tool. Get Your First Month On Tailwind Free When You Sign Up Here!
  3. Designer Blogs– Want a refreshing, clean and unique premium theme? I love this platform and it has a ton of free stuff that helps you be a more productive blogger! I would particularly recommend this for fashion, beauty or lifestyle bloggers.



  1. ROMWE: By far the cheapest, cutest stuff I’ve seen online with global deliveries!
  2. SHEIN: Similar to ROMWE, but with a better quality of products!


  1. StyleBop– A start-up with amazing deals on luxury first hand products. Ships all over!
  2. SV Moscow– A boutique luxury online store with a seriously unique designer collections.

Amazon– What I use for pretty much every thing under the sun. I particularly buy ALL my travel accessories here. This platform needs no introduction!

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  1. BH COSMETICS- If you’re a fan of make-up as much as I am, you’ll love the offers these guys have! Currently they have: School’s Out — Summer’s Here Sitewide 35% OFF
  2. Beauty Bridge– A UK based truly amazing retailer with fresh deals every season.
  3. SILK’N- Hair Removal, Acne Products, Anti Aging. These guys have some of the best female at-home products in the market!
  4. CRABTREE & EVELYN- Amazing skin and body care products. A tad bit on the expensive side, but worth it nevertheless. Find out what’s new here: Discover the Luxury of the Evelyn Rose Collection at Crabtree & Evelyn



  1. Time Tree– The only calendar app I use and one I have come to love. It’s so easy and intuitive and I love having my tasks and calendar on the go. What’s best is that you can create shared calendars with your roomies, friends or even teams!
  2. Splitwise– The app that has saved me countless, “you owe me X and I owe you Y, so the net is X-Y” conversations. Life saver, and super good travel productivity hack. Allows you to create groups and even re-distribute expenses based on percentages.
  3. Trello– Great for the visual types. I have this both on my laptop and phone. I like being able to see my to-do lists and tasks and this is a great way to do that. It also allows you to set personal and professional boards so you can make as many boards as you like and share tasks, deadline, et al. Works really well for small businesses and start-ups too.


  1. Coursera- The best platform for professionals looking to up their career game but don’t have the time to go to a physical school. It has both free and paid courses, but some of the courses are truly exceptional (and partnered with leading global universities such as Yale, Harvard, etc). No matter which field you’re in you’ll find something that suits you. Start here=> New Year. New Career. Start learning risk-free today with Coursera’s 7-day free trial!
  2. Udemy- A strong competitor to Coursera, what makes Udemy unique is that the range of courses offered are not necessarily by just schools and universities, but also industry experts, entrepreneurs and people who have just learnt by doing. You can start here: TopTopicSheet-The Complete Job, Interview, Resume/LinkedIn & Network Guide

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