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Ever since I worked in Kerala, I kept dreaming of traveling further down to Sri Lanka. A year and a half ago, I was close to accepting a job offer in Colombo but life had other plans and I ended up moving to Germany instead (as most of you who follow my blog know).

As I made my way back to South Asia for a long awaited trip back home, I somehow managed to squeeze Sri Lanka for five days in my trip (Clocking this as my fifth/last holiday for 2017: No shame). I also managed to meet/catch up with a lot of my best friends in the same trip who flew in from different parts of the world for New Year’s eve.

We started our journey in Colombo, and were fortunate to have an amazing view from the roof of our rented apartment. We spent about two days in Sri Lanka mostly catching up, eating good food and drinking/dancing the old year away.

Post New Year’s eve, we proceeded further south of Sri Lanka to spend our remaining days in Mirissa, a hugely popular area even though most travel blogs claim it is ‘serene and empty’, we found the contrary to be true. Nevertheless, it was beautiful and the perfect place to laze around in the sun and pretty much do nothing with some of your favourite people in the world.

We also found time to spend a day in Galle, which I would strongly recommend for history/architecture buffs, even though its slightly over-priced since it is a popular tourist area. Nevertheless, it was worth a visit.

I would definitely like to come back to Sri Lanka again to check out the North and East coast which I hear are also beautiful and diverse places to visit. Who knows, maybe I’ll also check out a surfing school or two. Sri Lanka promises a wicked surf, for those of you keen on it.
Until next time, Sri Lanka…

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