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We live in a world of over-information, and this is as true for travel as it is for any other industry in the world. This is why, writing about travel apps for Europe, especially for first-time or new travelers is much needed.

As someone who not only travels to Europe but actually lives here for close to three years, I feel qualified enough to provide this information. This post will take you through the top free apps I use to plan my travel in Europe for cheap!

#1 Homeaway


Source: HomeAway Website

If you want to rent an entire house, villa, or farm, you HAVE to check out this excellent alternative to the popular Airbnb.

While I am a huge fan of Airbnb, I do find it increasingly hard to find standalone houses/villas to rent for a longer period, as a huge chunk seems to be geared towards “shared economy”.  

Not only is this website a great place to explore rentals for couples and families, but I think the general quality of houses listed is also high. This means that the prices may not always be the cheapest, especially if you are looking for a place with a pool or with a lake view.

However, the excellent quality of listings more than makes up for it. 

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#2 Airbnb

Airbnb Screenshot

Source: Airbnb Website

No list of travel apps would be complete without this industry-leading mammoth. 

If you’re a budget traveler and/or just want to get the best buck for your price, then Airbnb provides the largest variety of options.

This can get a bit overwhelming at times and hence it helps to look at other options on the internet as well. 

if you’re new to Airbnb, you can get $40 credit when you sign up with my link.

LIFE HACK: Create a new account with a new email to get the $40 discount on your next booking. 😉

Another excellent feature of this travel app is that you get to book experiences with locals which I think is an awesome way to explore Europe.

The only thing you should be cautious about especially if you travel alone is to check if your host has enough verified reviews. I’ve heard of some people with horrible experiences, therefore it helps to be prepared.

#3 Ryanair

Ryanair screenshot: travel apps for Europe blog post

Source: Ryanair Website

Best known for dirt cheap prices, hidden fees, and pilots that somehow always seem to be on strike, this is an app you NEED to have if you’re a budget traveler. 

I usually have travel insurance which makes me have the immense confidence (which I probably should double-check) when I book $30 return tickets for weekend trips. 

I’ve probably taken 100 Ryanair flights and 1 has been canceled, so I can deal with those odds. I also generally travel light and pack only my essentials. If you plan to take a long haul flight and you don’t care much for delays or cancellations, then you should consider using this app for planning all your travels.

Just be sure to check their luggage policy to avoid hefty fees!

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#4 Omio (formerly Go Euro)

Omio app screenshot

I have to say Omio took a while to grow on me. I have only used it to book trains across Europe and I highly recommend you to do the same.

If I had to pick one from all the travel apps for Europe mentioned here, it would probably be this one!

The platform charges a small commission for bookings versus if you booked directly from a country’s regional train site (such as for Germany), but it is SO worth it just for the convenience. The app has great user experience and is easy to use, search and book tickets on the go.

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#5 Flixbus

flixbus screenshot travel apps for Europe blog post

Source: Flixbus Website

A new player in EU, Flixbus has gone on to become the largest bus network in Europe. It is not only widely spread out, but it is also way more affordable than any other way of traveling across Europe.

In my Europe budget travel guide, I discuss more on the best time to travel around Europe, the best way to plan an itinerary and money-saving tips.

You should also keep an eye out for special deals that Flixbus offers every now and then. One such great deal I used was for 5 rides for EUR 99. You can also find tickets for as cheap as $6 if you book well enough in advance.

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#6 Get Your Guide

I’ve hunted for a VERY long time for a good place to book the most diverse tours especially for popular cities such as Paris, Rome, etc.

If you have been to Europe in the summer, you know how crazy queues for popular attractions can get.

You want a place that helps you skip the queue and get to where you want faster and easier.

I’m not kidding. Recently, I was in Croatia and had to wait about 5 hours to get into Plitvice National Parks. And you know how much I saved DIY’ing it? 10 Euros.

10 euros was not worth 5 hours of my time. Lesson learned!

You can also get all my tips in my best-selling Europe Trip Planner ebook.

#7 Bla-Bla Car

bla bla car featured image: travel apps for Europe blog post

There will be times when trains cost you $500, flights are booked and buses take 73 hours to get from A to B.

What do you do then?

This French company, now widely used across Europe is a life-saver. Not only does it drastically bring down the cost of transport in Europe, but it also helps you connect with working locals and find more about their life, which you wouldn’t in youth hostels.

So there you have it, 7 easy to use travel apps for Europe that will save you not only money but also a lot of tears and sweat!

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