The Only Europe Trip Planner Guide You Need

The first time I landed in Europe, all alone, I was quite overwhelmed. As someone who had lived most of her life in India and only ever travelled within Asia, Europe felt like an entirely different beast. When I landed in Warsaw, the air felt cold and humid, it...

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The Ultimate Europe Backpacking Route

Looking for a Europe backpacking route? For a continent as large and as diverse as Europe, the sky is really the limit. Creating a backpacking itinerary is no easy task especially if you have limited time and budget. You can check out how to create an itinerary step...

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The Complete Europe Travel Checklist

You’re done with budgeting, planning, booking, applying for visas, packed and ready to fly to Europe! Check out my detailed Europe trip planner here. The type-A person that I am, I love creating and making sure I have everything I need a few...

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The Ultimate Germany Travel Guide

My home for over two years, and the base of all my European adventures, Germany ranks in my top 5 in Europe (for good reasons). From beautiful old towns, to stunning landscapes, to endless lakes, to endless breweries, to delicious bakeries, to friendly locals and a...

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19 Unique Gift Ideas For Travelers

Travelers are indeed a tribe of their own.  What may very well be a fancy gift for a person who doesn't like to trot around the globe, may not sit well with a person who loves to travel.  Having had the travel bug since the last seven years, I say this with all my...

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