The Ultimate Germany Travel Guide

My home for over two years, and the base of all my European adventures, Germany ranks in my top 5 in Europe (for good reasons). From beautiful old towns, to stunning landscapes, to endless lakes, to endless breweries, to delicious bakeries, to friendly locals and a...

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19 Unique Gift Ideas For Travelers

Travelers are indeed a tribe of their own.  What may very well be a fancy gift for a person who doesn't like to trot around the globe, may not sit well with a person who loves to travel.  Having had the travel bug since the last seven years, I say this with all my...

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Instagram Marketing Case Study With Kicksta

As a blogger, or even a brand, Instagram marketing continues to grow in importance, despite what critics may say. To grow your brand and presence one needs a solid presence on Instagram. It's the social media channel of the moment and in my opinion will continue to...

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Moving Abroad Alone – Was It Worth It?

Two years ago, I flew into Germany for a fresh new start after a roller coaster of a year. While I can't say I have really slowed down, in many ways these two years have taught me things I never thought I would learn about myself. I wrote about reflecting on one year...

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