The smart way to plan, prepare and book your trip to Europe.




With the Europe Trip Planner ebook you can:

  • Plan your entire trip from start to finish in a practical, logical manner.
  • Save on extra costs by knowing money saving tips in advance.
  • Calculate and decide how much to budget for your trip with average travel costs of 56 cities included.
  • Choose between 10 custom Europe itinerary ideas of various lengths without wasting time on research.
  • Save on commissions and extra travel agent fees by booking every step of your trip alone.
  • Get top highlights from 20 most-visited cities in Europe including what to do, where to stay(with links) and top food items to try.
  • Find out the right way to apply for a Schengen visa and how to get it the first time around.
  • Get a detailed packing list so you don’t leave anything important behind.
  • BONUS: $60 worth of credits for stay and flights.
  • …and more!

Did you know that on average, a travel agent’s commission is $50 for a single international flight ticket? 

A custom itinerary, without any actual bookings, can cost on average $250-$800, depending on the nature and length of your trip.

Add to that the cost of your actual trip, and you already have a monumental sum to save for your dream trip.

You know what you can do with that money? Add another country to your trip or possibly even extend your trip by weeks!

You could use it for an amazing Gondola ride in Venice , or have an extra fancy meal every day.

An old approach would be to find a travel consultant and have them book your tickets or even plan an itinerary for you.

Using this handbook, you can plan your entire trip, by yourself. 

All you need is a computer, this book and an internet connection!

This guide is a fantastic place to start when planning your trip around Europe. Shruti covers everything you need to know from destination-specific guides to itineraries and packing guides. Can highly recommend this guide to anyone planning a trip to Europe.

Gemma & Campbell

Couple Travel Bloggers, Highlands2Hammocks

What’s Inside the Europe Trip Planner

Section 1: BUDGETING

How to create a budget for a European trip, average trip costs and cost comparison across 56 cities.


The best time to visit Europe, how to create an itinerary and twelve unique itinerary ideas covering various parts of Europe from a period of one week to over one month of travel.


Booking tips on how to find and book the best hotels, hostels, airbnb’s, trains, flights and rental cars along with resources, money saving tips and useful links.


The correct way to apply for a Schengen visa (especially for developing countries with  no preferential status), and how to make sure you get it for the first time.


What to pack for Europe, according to season. Must-have products that will cost you time and money if you do not carry them with you from home.


Practical info related to money, customs, laws, security and safety tips. 

Why should you listen to me?

I’ve lived and travelled across Europe since 2013. In this time, I’ve been to over 18 countries, pretty much as a solo-traveler (plus student). This means, most of my Europe trips have been about maximising travel (and fun) on the least amount of money.

I’d say I know a thing or two about trip planning for Europe. It wasn’t always easy, and some times things I just didn’t know cost me a lot of time, money and sleeping overnight in train stations.
But hey, it’s all good!

After living in Germany for over two years, in Poland for half a year, and traveling frequently to Europe in the last six years, I know some pretty handy local tips that short-term travellers can easily miss. These tips can often make a huge dent for a first time or foreign traveler.

The reason why I wrote this ebook is to help out fellow travelers (like me) who could have used a helpful (no-bullshit) handbook to plan, prepare and enjoy every step of their trip. Everything I learnt on my trips and the last six years in Europe, I have included in this guide. 

This is not just a backpacking guide or a sightseeing guide, but a PLANNING guide to help you make the most out of your Europe trip, no matter what type of traveler you are, or where you are traveling from. The book doesn’t discriminate. 😛

I have never in my life, used an agent or a travel planning company, and it return, I have used that money to travel longer, cheaper and smarter. With the Europe Trip Planner, so can you.

This book is FOR you if


  • You are a first-time, solo or budget traveler who is looking for a planning guide and not just a sightseeing guide
  • You want to plan and book a trip yourself and not spend hundreds of dollars on travel agents
  • You want the freedom and flexibility that a step by step framework provides, without binding you to a fixed itinerary or schedule
  • You want to know insider tips that would help you save money every step of the way
  • You don’t want to waste time reading 104570 pages on blogs, forums and various other websites

This book is NOT for you if


  • You just want a sightseeing guide with detailed recommendations on sights, restaurants and hotels. You’re probably better off with a good old Lonely Planet Guide.
  • You are an expert traveler who has already been on various self planned trips to Europe without any hassles
  • You prefer to book an entire tour via an agency or would like to plan an exclusive luxury custom tour without having to do any heavy-lifting yourself
  • You have no budget, therefore saving money or knowing insider tips is not a priority (oh, how I envy you!)


What some readers have to say.

I loved the book! It’s full of practical tips and resources for anyone looking for some guidelines when organizing a Eurotrip. The sections for itinerary planning and city-specific budgeting are especially useful for travelers like myself, who tend to get lost in mountains of online information. I will definitely keep this guidebook handy for my next adventure and I’d recommend anyone to do the same! 

Daisy Li

Travel Blogger, Beyond My Border

Shruti is a meticulous traveler and it shows in her book. Right from setting a proper context, ensuring inclusivity outside “USA only” crowds, sample itineraries, visa guidance, to budget and time ranges for what suits your pocket, she has you covered. As a full time corporate worker, I understand how hard it is to find practical guides to plan trips at a short notice. Shruti, sailing in the same boat, does a fantastic job of giving you a complete breakdown with timelines, and the best things to squeeze in on your trip. All of this, married to her personal stories and struggles give this book a believable and endearing touch.


Travel & Lifestyle Blogger, Atlas in My Backpack

A very easy read, fully packed with useful information and good tips! This guide provides a great overview on how to plan a trip to Europe in the most cost-effective way. Perfect for everyone who isn’t sure where to start when creating an itinerary for Europe – you’ll learn the best way to travel around, what is the best season to visit, how to budget depending on the length of your stay, what to pack and so much more.

Lyubomira Velikova

Travel Blogger, Bulgarian On The Go

I really like the information in the book. It’s set up to be easy to read and the information is presented in a logical manner. You have included a lot of very useful information! I love the graphics and images.

Shirley Tharp

Travel Blogger, Travels with Bibi

I’ve known Shruti since over a decade and we have taken multiple trips together. When this girl speaks, I listen and when she writes, I read with full attention because it is honest, practical and straight from her heart. I like to think of this book as a trip ‘primer’ that answers even your smallest travel related query. It’s everything I wish I had known on my first trip to Europe!

Swati Mehta

Investment Analyst, Hill Fort Capital

The information in the book was exactly what I was expecting. I mean right from the personal story, to average cost of cities, budgets, even flight information, to all the chapters, blend into the complete Europe Travel Planner a person can travel with. 

Karan Patel


Planning a trip can be demanding, but this trip planner makes it manageable. One of my most liked chapters was the various combinations of cities suggested as per your travel duration, keeping in mind the distance, convenience and budget. A perfect Europe travel guide for every kind of travelers!

Noopur Bedi

Account Manager, The Quorum

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