SKYSCANNER– The platform I have used the most and absolutely love, especially when you are flexible on dates and can use the “Everywhere” option. Downside is no flight guarantee as its only an aggregator platform.

Another great platform to compare cheap flight deals from providers all over the world, do check out Kayak for great deals.


KIWI– Also features the “Anywhere” option. If I travel alone, I use this platform as the prices are more or less the same as skyscanner, but I get the added Kiwi Guarantee without having to pay extra which is amazing if your flight gets late or cancelled.

Cheap Flights LogoCHEAP FLIGHTS– Another solid platform to find the cheapest flights and travel deals globally. I used them while backpacking Europe and found some truly cheap offers.

 Student Universe logoSTUDENT UNIVERSE- As the name suggest, this platform works best for students or people under the age of 26. Same flight, cheaper price! 😉

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BOOKING.COM– Go-to booking (pun intended) platform for global bookings. I find this platform to be the most reliable and offer the widest selection and flexibility when it comes to handling all my accommodation needs.

HOSTELWORLD– If you’re a backpacker, a solo traveller or enjoy meeting other like minded people on your travels, hostelworld has got you covered with the largest inventory of hostels in the world. I use them each time I travel alone or want to do a cheap trip for a longer period.

Airbnb Logo

AIRBNB – If I’m looking to stay for a longer period, like a local or simply want a home stay instead of a commercial place, I use this platform. If you don’t have an account, you can use my referral code here to get $30 in travel credit.

Housesitter logo

HOUSESITTER– If you’re looking to find a house-sitter while on vacation or apply for a job to get access to free housing, this platform is quite amazing.  The downside is a one time annual fee but all your placements post that are free which is quite a catch if you plan to go to an expensive country!

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World Nomads– Flexible, Cheap, Made For Travelers by Travelers. You can book and claim online from anywhere, anytime.



  • Tour Radar – Not only the best offers of tours worldwide, but they regularly run the most amazing contests too.
  • Contiki Tours– The most exciting tour company for people in the 18-35 age group. As a student or a solo traveler this is definitely a platform worth checking out! Get an extra discount using PROMO CODE- STUDENT75
  • Sightseeing Pass (US Only)– Avoid wandering around in tourist offices and get your city passes (with great deals in advance) using this platform. Unfortunately, only US audience has access to it for now. Here’s to hoping it comes soon to Europe too!


  • TRANSFER WISE – I use this platform not only to send money abroad but also as a borderless account. The feature is new and allows you to hold and manage money in 40 currencies! I use this as a protection to avoid paying exchange rate charges each time I am in a new country and works excellent as a back-up account and card. Read Also: Transfer Money Abroad – 5 Reasons Why I Only Use Transferwise
  • MONEY GRAM– Extremely popular in Germany, and a good way to send money for cheap especially if you’re looking for a store with physical presence. In this aspect, Money Gram beats Transferwise, as the latter is a pure online platform.


iTalki – A neat little handy tool to learn any language online. The idea is for it to be a social network where you can find teachers and even teach people how to learn (for money, yay!). It works best when you have limited time and would love to find tandem partners around the world to practise the language you want to learn!