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Gift Ideas For TravelersTravelers are indeed a tribe of their own. 

What may very well be a fancy gift for a person who doesn’t like to trot around the globe, may not sit well with a person who loves to travel. 

Having had the travel bug since the last seven years, I say this with all my heart that gift ideas for travelers don’t come easy. With a little help from me, I hope I can help you find something that fits your budget! 




Gift Ideas For Travelers Under $100

  1. Portable Bluetooth Speakers

There’s nothing like a cute, classic pair of bluetooth speakers you can pack in and use for creating your own unique atmosphere, no matter where you are. 

Most hotels or home stays don’t really have this, and you don’t need to hit the next pub if you can have your own party at a short notice! These speakers don’t disappoint. 

2. Kindle Paperwhite

For all those savvy readers that don’t want to carry three heavy books or have no space to pack it in (guilty, as charged!), this makes a perfect gift. 

I love reading on the go, especially since I’m often reading multiple books at the same time, and I like the freedom of being able to switch back and forth. 

For avid travelers, who love to read, this is such a useful and thoughtful gift.

3. Instax Mini Camera

A top favourite and one that I’ve myself gifted to two dear friends, this small polaroid makes for instant, beautiful memories, on the go. 

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If your traveler friend loves to collect pictures and bring them back home, this would make a perfect gift for them!

4. Camera Tripod

If your traveler likes photography and would like to have a convenient tripod for their point and shoot, DSLR or any other camera, this makes a perfect gift. 

I normally carry a small foldable JOBY tripod for my point and shoot, so be careful to pick a tripod that can hold the weight of the camera and the type when you pick this gift!

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5. Portable Hammock

Ever felt like you’re on a stranded beach or in the middle of the forest, and all that’s really missing is a hammock. 

I have. 

Rest assured, this travel gift will be loved by the outdoor, adventurer type. 

6. Antique Deco Globe

Know someone who’s a deco geek? Or loves planning new trips all the time? If you’re looking for a gift that’s unique and yet travel related, look no further!

7. Whisky Decanter Globe Set

For whisky lovers and globe trotters, this is a dream gift!

Admire the world and enjoy a glass of whisky from this beautiful holder at the same time!

Gift Ideas For Travelers Under $50

8. Noise Cancelling Headphones

You know when you have that 12 hour night time flight and you cannot get the kid down the aisle to shut up. 

Nothing against them kids, but time and again, you need to isolate yourself from the surrounding noise, whether on a plane or on the road, or while hiking. 

Having a pair of noise cancelling headphones is such a treasure when the world around you is just crashing down. 

9. Foldable Duffel Travel Bag

I vividly remember, shopping a bit too much during one of my trips, buying an extra suitcase so I could fit everything, only to have that suitcase break down the second time I used it. 

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I learnt my lesson. Carrying a small duffel bag, might be annoying, but you’ll thank your stars you have it when you exceed your luggage space and and cannot imagine buying an expensive extra bag. 

For such occasions, a foldable duffel bag is just perfect. Not to mention it’s a great bag for weekend and impromptu trips!

10. Packing Cubes

Every, and here I am not exaggerating, EVERY traveller can use these packing cubes. 

The amount of times I rummage through my storage to find appropriate size bags for all my small carry ones is countless. 

For that very reason, gifting packing cubes is a unique but totally useful idea. 

11. Hanging Toiletry Bag

Whilst this may not be the prettiest looking gift, it is definitely a very useful one. 

All those times you’ve stayed at a hostel or had to share bathrooms and dropped half your toiletries, hands up!

Yep, exactly for those moments and the fact that all your toiletries are safely packed away, this makes for an excellent gift for travelers!

12. Destinations of a Lifetime Book

With the advent of digital screens, it’s almost like hardcover books are forgotten. 

I, for one, still love receiving books, even better if they make me dream of distant beautiful places.

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Gift Ideas For Travelers Under $20

13. Travel Organizer Wallet

Hands down, the cheapest and most useful travel accessory, is this wallet which can keep your documents, your passport, boarding passes, tickets and even all your mixed currencies, neatly organised. 

No matter whether your friend is the organised type or the chaotic type, they will like this gift nevertheless!

14. International Travel Adapter

Another useful and pocket friendly gift for travelers, an international travel adapter is sure to come in handy for your globetrotting soul.

15. Luggage Tags

The only thing more annoying than waiting for your luggage on the conveyor belt, is confusing and then picking the wrong bag a few times.

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Help some one avoid that with  these cute luggage tags!

16. Lightweight Water Resistant Backpack

Having a water resistant, foldable and packable bag for a day hike or a short trip is everything! Make some one happy with this affordable and totally useful gift.

17. Travel Jewelery Box Organizer

Got a girlfriend who loves taking her jewellery on all her trips? This gift is sure to bring a smile to her face. A safe, neat, dividable storage with a great appearance for all your jewellery.

18. Travel Journal

Many a travelers love penning down their thoughts either about their travels or about their private life. Such travelers, would totally love this thoughtful gift.

19. 1000 Places Before You Die Book

Sure to inspire wanderlust, this book makes for an excellent value for money gift, no matter whether it’s a birthday or a holiday gift.

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