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Even though a tiny country in western Europe, Netherlands has amazing places to visit!

If there is ever only one Dutch city you plan to visit, let it be Amsterdam!

From beautiful canals, to flower markets, to musuems that are both historic and artistic in nature, to the coffee shops and to the world famous red light district, this city in the Netherlands does NOT disappoint.

Some other best places to visit in Netherlands are-

Top Things To Do In Netherlands.

Visit the Jordaan neighbourhood.

You want to walk around 17th century buidlings, canals and have access to amazing restaurants and boutique shops? Head to Jordaan, for an alternative view on modern day Netherlands.

Visit the Van Gogh art museum.

Even though an expensive museum to visit, if you are an art lover, it doesn’t get better than this! Make sure to keep enough time for seeing this breathtaking museum.

Take a day trip to Zaanse Schans and its windmills.

This popular neighbourhood in northern Zaandam features eight monumental windmills that date back to the 16th century. You haven’t seen the Netherlands unless you’ve seen the majestic windmills!

Visit the Anne Frank House.

Anne Frank House centres around the hidden apartment on Prinsengracht canal where Anne Frank, her family and several others lived in secret during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands in World War II.

If you have read the book, the house feels spookily real.

Go beer tasting under a windmill.

Brouwerij ‘t IJ, a modern dutch brewery next to a windmill producing organic beer is quite a delight especially on a warm summer day!

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The brewery also offers guided tours and tastings for those who would like an inside peek!

Ride a bike around the country.

Riding bikes is a very essential Dutch experience, and one you shouldn’t leave the country without doing. No matter which city or neighborhood you pick, you can easily reach anywhere you want with a cycle, even between cities!

Typical Budget


The hostels in Amsterdam start from 20 Euros per day (depends on the season of travel and also on the type of hostel). Some very good hostels to party and stay are- ClinkNOORD, Flying Pig Beach hostel, Flying Pig Downtown. Click here to discover hostels.

The minimum charges of hotels in Amsterdam starts from 40-45 Euros per night although higher end hotels are way more expensive. Smaller cities are comparatively cheaper to live in, but not by a great margin.


Almost all hotels include breakfast so very few restaurants serve in the morning. Some cheap options are available if you look around including small bakeries that would set you back€5-6.

Falafels or other street food (especially in kebab shops) can be found for under €5, and sit-down options start at €7 and up.

For a fancy dinner, you are looking at spending over €12-15 per meal per person.


I don’t often recommend having a public transport day pass, but if you are in Amsterdam which is a big city and have limited time to explore places on foot, I would recommend getting the I Amsterdam city card.

A good alternative is to rent a bike from the main train station as Dutch cities are built with keeping bike riders in mind and make for a great experience, especially in warmer months.

Amsterdam Travel Ticket pass for 1 day = 16 Euros
I amsterdam City Card for 24, 48, 72 and 96 hours starts from 59 Euros to 98 Euros.


Costs for some other typical activities are:

  • One-hour canal cruise starts from 16 Euros.
  • Rijksmuseum entry charges is 20 Euros
  • Van Gogh Museum entry charges is 18 Euros
  • Heineken Experience (with two beers free) will cost 22 Euros.
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