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Bavaria, Germany or Bayern, Germany, whatever you may know this region as, is a popular favourite amongst nature and history lovers.

Bavaria, Germany is inhabited by over 13 million residents, located in the Southeast of Germany, and is the largest state in Germany.

Filled with fairy tale castles, amazing hiking and cycling trails, and history all the way from the Roman empire to the Nazi past in Nuremberg, this state does not disappoint.

After having lived in Bavaria, Germany for over two years seen my fair share of towns in Bavaria.

Without further delay, here’s the most beautiful Bavarian towns for you:

1. Nuremberg


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The place I call home for over a year and my favourite Bavarian/German city, you haven’t seen a beautiful town in Bavaria, until you have been here.

Not only does this town have a beautiful castle, historically rich musuems such as the Deutsch National Museum (largest in Germany) and the Documentation Center, explaining the role of Nuremberg before in the holy roman empire and after the world war, along with various old architecture and streets, this town does not disappoint.

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2. Bamberg


Bamberg, a town in upper Franconia, on the river of Pegnitz with an old town that is also a UNESCO world heritage site, is one of my favourite towns in Germany.

Filled with a beautiful Rathaus (city hall),  churches overlooking the city on a hill and amazing smoked beer/’rauch bier’ (with many breweries centred in this region), this is a town that is truly a marvel.

I’ve been to this town a few times and each time I head there, I find something new and beautiful. The town makes or a beautiful spot in the summer to enjoy the river, and is equally beautiful in winter as well.

3. Rothenburg ob Der Tauber



A part of the romantic road itinerary, Rothenburg ob der Tauber is another small but enchanting town in Bavaria to stop by. The town is small enough for a day visit and can be reached easily by autobahn (highway) or train connections.

The old town, the castle gardens, and a walk around the castle and the city walls is highly recommended.

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4. Dinkelsbühl


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Another small town in Bavaria, Germany that instantly makes you go back to the middle ages, this one is another treasure on the romantic road.

I stopped by in Dinkelsbühl during a middle age festival, and boy was I overjoyed. Not only did I get to live a day in the life of a Bavarian in the middle ages, but I truly understood the history and the background of people in Bavaria.

The cities in Bavaria are no doubt pretty, but it is the small villages in Bavaria that really make you understand the historic and cultural vibe of the state.

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5. Regensburg

Beatiful towns in bavaria Germany

A town that I have not had the pleasure of visiting, but comes highly recommended by locals and foreigners alike. Regensburg at the confluence of three rivers, Danube, Naab and Regen, also has a medieval look and feel.

The city centre or the old town of Regensburg is also marked as a UNESCO world heritage site. The cathedral, the stone bridge and old buildings constructed by previous kings, are worth a sight.

Some other towns in Bavaria, Germany that are worth checking out if you have more time include: Pottenstein, Würzburg, Bad Tölz, Augsburg, and Munich. You can also benefit from reading my detailed Germany Travel Guide.

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