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Nuremberg Pub Guide PinterestI don’t know about you but I definitely judge a place by its pubs.

After all, how can a place ever be objectively reviewed without having checked out at least a few of the local pubs?

Whilst Nuremberg is not world-renowned for its range of pubs, it does offer an interesting mix of the same.

Below you’ll find some of my favourites.


1. Die Rote Bar

I’m not really sure why its called “Rote/Red” since except for perhaps the outside walls, nothing else suggests an otherwise aesthetic likeness to red. The bar looks super spooky from the outside and mostly empty but once you get in you quickly realise it’s quite packed, especially on weekends. It has a maze like atmosphere with cosy (albeit quite dark) seats and a long and interesting bar with super fun cocktails. If you’re looking for a place that’s easy to wind down with your buddies and offers good cocktails, look no further!

Links:TripAdvisor, Yelp

2. Hannemann

Suggested to me by two dear friends, the first time I went to Hannemann felt like walking into a good friend’s living room with cosy furniture, medium-dim lighting and cheap but varied drinks. No wonder, this place is a frequent pre-game haunt for a lot of students in Nuremberg. I would definitely recommend this as a good place to start drinking if you’re planning to have a long night in the city centre.



1. O’Sheas Irish Pub

Even though I’ve only resided here for a little over six months, I have made countless memories at this place. A tad bit on the expensive side, it is hands-down my favourite Irish pub in town (of which there are many, ask the Germans why). Not only do you find a great range of drinks, but also a kick-ass food menu surrounded by a very wooden, old rustic bricks kind of atmosphere. The seating is varied and can accommodate people of all ages and intentions.

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2. Finnegan’s Harp Irish Pub

One would have to be either blind or completely oblivious to one’s surroundings if they live in Nuremberg and never crossed this pub. Thanks to its super central location right on the way to old town, it is definitely impossible to miss it. In the summers, this makes a great place to sit outside and enjoy a drink. In the winters, it makes up with its cosy interiors and great big TV screens.

Links:TripAdvisor, Yelp


1.Restauration Kopernikus

Another favourite of locals and tourists alike, Kopernikus is best enjoyed in the summer with its quiet roof-top garden overlooking the city’s walls. The place has a very cosy and medieval look, which for me is a definite win. For the winter, I would recommend this place for a formal or fancy drinks/dinner session.

Links: TripAdvisor, Yelp

2. Wiesn Biergarten

Along the Wohrder See and only open during the summer is this cute little place along the side of a small forest. Introduced to me by my colleagues, I spent many a summer evenings here surrounded by lots of green and with people just having picnics or whatever along with great beer of course. This one is definitely on the cheaper side but one can bring along food/snacks to enjoy your day as well. There’s also self-service and no Pfand(security deposit) for the glasses just incase you were worried about hanging out after doors close at 22:00!

Links: Yelp

Whilst there are plenty of other pubs worth checking out, I keep circling back to the six mentioned above. I mean for a city of half a million, I’d say even this is quite a handful.

Zum Wohl!

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