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When the winter gets rough on you, find  a way to lift your mood and enjoy it while you still can.

After feeling very tired of dealing with the endless winter in Germany, I decided to take a small holiday with my Freund in the region south of Munich. It was totally last minute (or last week rather) and was just the perfect change I needed to feel better about my life etc etc.

We went by car and managed to get an amazing Airbnb, which was surrounded by snow as far as the eye could see and with views like this. (If you don’t know about Airbnb, you’re living under a rock. Save yourself, sign up using my referral link and get $35 travel credit from me!). Alternatively go ahead and find a good hotel deal in this beautiful region.


First on our list was the beautiful and tiny city of Bad Tölz famous as a spa town and with the stunning Isar river flowing right through the middle. The city centre is on a hill and has amazing buildings such as this. I’m a big fan on ancient engraved art on old buildings, and this city has mastered engraved art.


The next day we set out to see Starnberger See the most visited lake in the region around Munich. As expected, the road trip there was totally worth it.

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Arriving at Starnberger, was not disappointing at all and I had a precious moment with his swan.

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PvhgNOTrRaKV1bCl9Tu3fA_thumb_bf94However, the highlight of this trip was hiking a bit to reach Ostersee in the middle of pretty much nowhere.

I met these boys.

And goofed around in the plentiful snow.
UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_c000And then, finally reached the lake which was completely frozen, like pretty much all of it.

Post this amazing expanse of a lake, we hiked in what may have been my most dangerous hike in Germany, to see a frozen waterfall(aka Pähler Schlucht). It was stunning! I slipped and fell once in “classic me” fashion, but I only screwed up my boots and maybe hurt my butt a little. But well, it was so worth it! Snow just makes everything so majestic. There’s no better way to explain it.

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We finished the last day of the trip by doing a short hike again in Bad Tölz and were definitely not disappointed by this decision.

I’m so glad that Spring is already sneaking around, but I really enjoyed this long and painful Winter too.

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