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As a beginner, to do an SEO Check can be overwhelming. I totally agree.

As some one who loves finding new growth hacks, I went on the search of free SEO check tools that would help me build a foundation for long term SEO, knowing fully well that I wanted to set up my blog to rank well in the long run.

If you landed on this page, you probably know what SEO is and how it takes a long long time for you to rank on any search engine’s top pages. I don’t need to tell you why you need to position your blog for the best ranking that you can, no matter which stage of blogging you are at.

If you don’t, then well simply put it is how you “optimize” how search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing find and rank your content online. The higher your rank, the more likely you will end up on the first few pages. (Read more here)

And isn’t that every bloggers dream?

Small tools can make a truckload of difference. You can check out the 20 blogging tools that do make a massive difference.

A small switch to Siteground from being a WordPress hosted website three months ago, shot up my traffic 10X.

<<Read my complete Siteground migration review>>

I also scoured the internet and tried a bunch of tools to find the ones I need when I am working on a new post.

Before you start reading more, head over here and actually check your SEO situation for free.


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1. KW Finder

KW Finder

By far my favourite tool.

Perfect to find long tail keywords with a low SEO difficulty.

What’s great

  • Gives auto suggestions, search volume, SERP status and a possibility score on 100 to rank. I actively choose keywords that have a ranking of less than 45 or 50.
  • Not restricted to any country or region, and is also the most updated free seo check tool I came across

What’s not great

  • Limited to 5 searches only per day, so make that count! Do not waste time searching for crap.



A simple but very effective tool to get an idea of trending searches that are otherwise hard to find. It is also a good way to find linking keywords or even secondary keywords that you want to use in your blog post to enable your post to rank better.

What’s great

  • Good for long tail keyword ideas and trending searches across web
  • Show trends also from sites such as Youtube and Amazon

What’s not great

  • No data to back up the words, except for the size of the searched words which is pretty primitive, so to speak

3. LSI Graph

LSI Graph

Another tool I discovered recently, which is great to search for LSI- Latent Semantic Indexing, claimed as the future of SEO checks and trends. It’s worth a shot even if it is to brainstorm on a post title.

+ Recommended by industry experts

What’s great

  • 20 free searches per day with super useful suggestions

What’s not great

  • No numbers to back up the LSI keywords


Another tool to double check if you are on the right track. You can also download selected keyword lists for future reference.

What’s great:

  • Plenty of long tail keyword suggestions
  • No search limit per day

What’s not great

  • Again, no numbers to back up the data unless you upgrade to the paid plan.
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There is a reason why SEO is so highly acclaimed and important. Just like you don’t want to have one monetization strategy for your blog, the same way your traffic should not rely only on one source.

I found that after a targeted SEO check strategy, my posts performed much better on organic traffic, even though it accounts for less than 10% of my total traffic due to the domain being brand new.

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However, if you start blogging with the right fundamental SEO checking in place, you will spend much less time to come back and fix your SEO in the future.

Changing an old post once it’s already published is harder than you think.

Once you feel you’re ready to move to a paid plan, the industry’s best tools are definitely the following:

  • MOZ Pro: With a 1 month free trial, you can really get the best of this tool, fix a LOT of back end issues with your website and even sneak up on competitor ranking data. It’s totally worth the one month. If you like it and enrol for a paid version, even better!
  • SEM Rush: Industry leading, and if you have the money you should definitely check it out. Also offers a 14 day free trial. Plans start at $99 a month, but if this gets you to build long term SEO the right way, consider it an investment.

Important things to remember as SEO Beginners:

  • Do not repeat the same keyword 25 times in the same article. Search engines are not stupid, they will not only pick this up but even penalize you for the same.
  • What you should repeat is “related keywords”, this is where the above mentioned SEO check tools can really help bloggers with getting their website up to speed.
  • Do NOT forget SEO for images. A great tool I discovered recently which can automatically synchronise and over-ride your SEO check based on the settings you input.
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I have to admit, SEO is not my strong suit. But after reading the wealth of information available, I want to build a multi-pronged strategy that enables me to rely on both organic and inorganic traffic.

Organic traffic has the highest potential for monetization, not only because it comes direct from a search, but because the person who lands on your website searching for, “the perfect blog planner”, will be the one most likely to buy it or click an ad related to it, once they land on your page.

Getting them to land, now isn’t that what SEO strategy is all about? Read More on Beginner SEO Tips Guaranteed To Make You Rank


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Planning to start a blog? Find a domain name and a server on Siteground today! If you would like detailed tips, check out my step by step guide to start a blog.

Have an existing blog in need of powerful growth? Check out these services I use and love:

  • Tailwind: Pinterest and Instagram scheduling tool.
  • Teachable: Create courses online and add to your blogging income.
  • ThemeIsle: Premium WordPress themes.
  • Grammarly: Automated in-browser Proofreading.
  • OptinMonster: Convert and monetize your website traffic.
  • LinkTrackr: Affiliate Link Tracking.
  • PickMonkey: Photo-editing, Logos and Social Media Graphics.

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