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Italy has long been on my bucket list and recently I had the opportunity to explore a small part of it. I have to say I was incredibly impressed and I think it has all the makings to be my favorite country in Europe. With this in mind, I bring you the top 5 things to see in Verona.

We started our Italian tour in Verona in northern Italy which also happens to be a UNESCO world heritage site, a small medieval town built around the Adige river and the stage for Shakespeare’s famous Romeo & Juliet( the real reason I went). The city is fairly small and you could walk around the entire area in a day, perhaps two days if you want a more relaxed trip. My top things to visit in Verona were as follows:

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1. Piazza Bra- The largest square in Verona accompanying the arena is a bit hard to miss for a first timer. It is not only stunning in its own right, but also claimed to be the largest Piazza in Italy, and one of the largest in Europe.


2. Arena di Verona – Easily the most unique Arena (Ampitheater) I have seen thus far in Europe dating back to Roman times, this was a perfect place to imagine older times when Romans would have fighting games and in more recent times hold operas and concerts.

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3. Piazza del Erbe- The market square in Verona never has a dull moment. At the centre of the square was a small souvenirs/food/clothes market which had some thing for everyone. Personally I found this a good square to visit perhaps at the end of your trip when you’d like to shop for cute souvenirs. The square’s most ancient monument (a Roman scripture) is the fountain dating back to 380 AD.

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4. Torra dei Lamberti- The north side of Piazza del Erbe has the ancient town hall also known as the Torra dei Lamberti. We excitedly climbed up the 243+46 or so steps excitedly and the views that greeted us were truly amazing.


5. Castel San Pietro- This palace is an excellent spot to watch the whole of Verona from  a high spot and catch an amazing sunset if you are lucky with the weather. It is a ten minute climb from across the river, but nothing so steep that a 10 year old couldn’t do.

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IMG_1011Other sights that can also be enjoyed if you have more time would include Case Julietta, San Pietro da Verona Church, Castelvecchio castle(in the day), Castelvecchio bridge(in the night).

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Do you have any other place to recommend in Verona?

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