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Tired of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and multiple other social media platforms that just don’t generate enough traffic for your website?

You’re in need of this article and this platform. Not only does Quora generate 5-10% of my blog traffic every month, it also helps me position as a thought leader in the topics I write about.


What is Quora?

Quora is a community-driven question and answer website. It also has more than 100 million people monthly visiting the platform.

It is a forum (like Reddit) for anyone and everyone who knows anything about anything to talk, share, discuss, link to and build authority. Here’s what the home page of your Quora feed looks like-

What is Quora- Screenshot

You can follow as many topics as you like to see relevant content, which in this case is questions and answers.

Each time you answer a question, it gets distributed to everyone following that topic or question which could be hundreds, thousands or even millions of people that will notice you and your answer.

You can also be sent special question requests by Quora or by specific people that consider you to be experienced in a certain field and you can chose to answer or pass these specific questions.

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Why You Should Use Quora?

Reason #1 It can help you get valuable consistent traffic to your blog.

Quora Traffic

Remember- 100 Million people.

Even if you hope to catch 0.01% of this monthly audience, that adds up to a neat 10000 unique targeted users who came to your blog because they found your answer worth following.

Unlike any other social media platform, you need only answer once and you continue to get views from the same for a long period of time. I’ve answered about 40+ odd questions with some having links to relevant articles on my blog and it brings close to 5% of my overall traffic.

Additionally, sometimes answers on Quora show up on Google even before Wiki answers do. This, for a new blogger is like hitting search engine gold!

Now imagine, building this audience on a regular basis. It’s fun, engaging and a refreshing new way to generate traffic that is looking for exactly the solution you want to offer.

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Reason #2 It can help you become an authority in your niche.

Guest posting aside, it is safe to assume that not everyone is going to know who you are and what you do, let alone what you are good at or what you can teach them.

Using Quora as a question and answer platform can come in really handy here. If you can answer some important questions comprehensively, time and again and achieve upvotes (equivalent to likes on Facebook), you’ll pretty much reach God level status on Quora.

What happens when this happens? People take you seriously. They stalk your profile and your blog. And who doesn’t want that?

In short, using the Quora blog syndication is an excellent way to develop and build your authority in a certain niche and pick up a couple of interesting followers along the way.

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Reason #3 It can give you content ideas for your next posts.

Perhaps an indirect benefit, but by no means a small one. When you spend significant time on developing a content strategy on Quora, you will no doubt begin to see patterns.

For example, I saw the question, “How do I start a Travel Blog” at least 20 times and had close to 500+ people who followed a similar question. This made me realise that even though generic guides on how to begin blogging existed, a detailed guide specific to travel bloggers just didn’t exist. I often also login to the Quora app and sometimes snoop around for potential trending questions so I can get some new ideas.

So I went ahead, and created a step by step guide for travel and lifestyle bloggers.

And you know what? It’s my most shared post on this blog. AND brings me a ton of traffic from Quora related to the same questions that I answered. Win-Win.

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How To Use Quora Best?

Step #1 Create a solid Quora account and profile.

Sounds logical, but many people simply do not spend enough time on this. A good profile should ideally have a personal story, a touch of what you do professionally, have at least one link to your blog, and describe to people exactly how you can make their life better.

The aim of creating a solid profile is two-fold.

A. Getting them to follow you.

B. Getting them to click on your blog link.

Building an authority would come later once you’ve answered 100-200 questions and build up a significant audience that follows and understands what you do. Here’s how I did mine-

Quora Profile

Step #2 Find the Quora questions that are actually worth writing answers to.

You can spend your time writing 1 answer that has 10 follows (Scenario A), or you can spend your time writing an answer than has 500 follows(Scenario B). “Follows” simply signify how many people have an interest in knowing the answer to that question.

What do you think will happen when you answer the first question? Chances are that 10 plus or minus 20% of people would see your answer anytime soon. That’s a sum total of 12 people who will see your answer. At a 5% conversion rate, you’d be lucky if even 1 person shows up to view your blog link.

That’s not what you should aim for. You can do better.

Find, use Quora search and answer questions that have as many follows as you can see. I mean that’s where all the eyeballs are at, and that’s where you will generate maximum traction. The people who have showed an interest, get an email from Quora Digest each time an answer they marked is answered. That’s access to 500 people’s inboxes, that you may otherwise not have if you picked scenario A to answer.

Pro Tip– Take the time to answer questions outside of your niche as well. Not all the time you spend on Quora will be about getting traffic to your blog. The long-term goal should also to become a thought leader or an authority on certain related topics and even if an answer is not directly linked to your line of work, but you think you have a kickass answer, go ahead and write it!

Step #3 Write answers like you would a regular blog post.

It’s tempting to give a one line answer to a question such as the one below with- “You can find my detailed answer- 9 Travel Hacks You Need To Know To Travel Europe Cheap”.

Aside from possibly violating Quora‘s content policy or getting banned from the platform, it adds close to zero value to the reader who asked this question. Do not be a spammer.

A good answer of how to go about it is below:

Detailed AnswerThe reason why this particular person’s answer is pegged at the top with maximum upvotes (likes) is because he spent the time actually writing, explaining and attaching images of the travel hacks in 1000+ words. Now, that’s an answer that adds value. At the end of the answer, he adds a link to the original or detailed post.

If I were the reader or a user who posed this question, I am much more likely to click this link now after I am sold on the authority and high quality of the answer, than I would if I just followed a spamming approach.

This is why it’s critical to research, post and write as much value in one answer as you would do for one blog post. After all, what do you have to do lose for free blog traffic?

Another thing to note, is that Quora sends its readers a Quora digest update that often links to the most “upvoted” answers or top answers which immediately pushes your visibility by 100x.

There you have it. An easy, sustainable way of building your brand and your blog traffic on one of the largest forum’s in the world for free. The Quora forum is really a place where you have access to a large, engaged audience!

You may also want to read more on how using these hacks jumped my traffic by 10X in 1 Month.

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