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Believing and loving self should come to us like second nature. But sometimes the experiences that we go through we end up believing and loving a little less every day.  The subtle shift in our mindsets over the period of time starts affecting us in bigger ways.

Affirmations have lately been having their moment in the wellness space. If you think about it, all had forgotten or ignored that if we do not have the right mindset then how do we expect to have the right life that we want and desire for?

To be honest, I am a little late in joining the affirmation bandwagon and was always sceptical about them. I have always been aware of my value but sometimes we do need to say it aloud or write it down to encourage ourselves. It is easy to fall in negative thought patterns, especially with all going around us in the world.

In this post, I am going to share a few daily affirmations, that have helped me immensely to start my positivity journey. You can write them down in your journal, or a place where you might end up seeing them regularly. I write them down on a Journal while saying it aloud ( Double effect ☺).

So here we go-

#1I Chose To Be Happy and Grateful Every Day

Daily Affirmations That Will Create Positive Shift in Your life
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We often undervalue the power of gratitude. We need to acknowledge what we have in our lives and be thankful for the same. Like they say that the grass is always greener on the other side and over the years we tend to believe in it. One tends to forget that the patch we are standing on is also green but the perspective is skewed. 

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We need to stand still and acknowledge our presence. You need to believe that ‘ I am happy and grateful for everything that I have in life and will be resonating this every day’.

Tony Robbins, in one of his podcasts, says that the difference between the life we have and the life we want is the “Choices we make and can make”.  

Life is about experiences and you need to be happy & grateful for your experiences that fuel personal growth.

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#2 I Trust That I Am on The Right Path

Daily Affirmations That Will Create Positive Shift in Your life
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Life is a journey and the destination keeps changing. We often our so worried about the destination that we forget to enjoy & learn from the journey.

When I say Journey, it obviously means the life experiences. We all have life goals that we would like to achieve and hope we can someday. To do same we all have entailed this journey and the decisions or the choices we make define our path.

We need to start believing in ourselves and believing in the choices we make. The path that you are walking on is the right path for you. Believe in it!

Everyone’s journey is unique and just because you did not take ‘the road less travelled ‘means that you are on the wrong path.

Once you start to believe that you are on the right path, the universe will help you to stay on the same path even if once in a while you take the wrong turn. 

#3 My mind is full of brilliant ideas

Daily affirmation for positivity
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We all have had those moments when we have felt a sudden block in our creativity or are out of ideas at work. The reason behind this is not that we do not have them, it is that we have occupied our minds with the clutter. Instead of clearing that out the clutter, we get entwined in the negativity that it brings.

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A negative mind can never spurt our ideas!

I have personally seen a shift in my creativity and thought process. Ideas at work have been flowing and just not work, there has been a subtle shift in the way I do a certain task or how I handle a certain situation.  

When you believe that you have brilliant ideas and there are there but need a push from the Universe to help you sift through your thoughts. Believe me, the universe will not disappoint you.

Journal to write down your affirmations or to jog down that brilliant idea-

#4 I AM Ready for Success & Happiness in Every Area of My Life

Daily affirmations for success & Happiness
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We all have different motivators in life. For one it could be professional success, for the other it could be a happy personal life. There is never an exact ratio that is true for all.

Having said the above, we need to find our inner motivator to achieve our goals. To do so one needs to believe in oneself that they are ready for abundance in their lives. Believe that you have what it takes to experience joy, success, wealth, love and your purpose.

It is when we start believing in ourselves, others start believing in us. The opportunities follow with the desired results.

Meditation candles to attract good energy-

#5 I Have The Power to Create change

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‘Power’ in itself is a strong word. We strive for the power to control things and hope that we have the power within to overcome any obstacle, we get influenced by the power others have on us.

We forget that we have this immense energy within ourselves that we forget to channelize in the right direction. The power to make our decisions, the power to influence people, the power to grow & learn, the power to love ourselves.

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Change is a law of life! The sooner you accept the responsibility for everything in your life, sooner you gain the power to change anything in your life.

Do let me know if these affirmations helped you or if you would like to share a few of your own personal affirmations that you practice. I will be happy to incorporate them in life 🙂

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