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Food is medicine only if we are wise enough to feed our body with the right ones. Wondering what foods to eat when feeling stressed? Definitely not Sugar! The right food that can help us combat stress and eventually help us manage it too.

In today’s world where there is so much uncertainty, most of us have been anxious and stressed. To overcome that feeling we end up looking for solace in food. The only problem is that we end up choosing the wrong kind.

I have gone through it myself where the first instinct was to go for a box of Oreos that in turn resulted in late-night Oreo shake binges or a bag of chips. I have been guilty of all the don’ts of stress and coming from the experience is that junk food is not the answer.

There has been a lot of study going around how we treat food as a reward. The truth is- food is fuel for our body and not for emotions. If you feed your body the right food which is nutrient-dense then your body itself will be able to combat stress i.e. it will regulate your cortisol levels.

So next time you are stressed keep these foods available in your pantry to combat stress-

#1 Avocado

Stress beating food- Avocado
Photo by Gaby Yerden on Unsplash

Avocado is truly a superfood! Apart from being delicious, it is also rich in B6 Vitamin. To say in simple words, the B6 vitamin helps the body produce serotonin( the feel-good hormone 🙂 ). It also has essential fats that keep your body full and cravings at bay.
So why not keep some homemade Guacamole handy for those stressful days or just smash it and put it over a toast with some Pink Himalayan Salt & pepper. If in the mood to eat something sweet then try out the Chocolate Avocado mousse recipe.

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#2 Bananas

Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash

Apart from being easily accessible and under-rated, Banana is another superfood that releases Serotonin. It contains tryptophan protein which the body converts into Serotonin. Bananas are also great for heartburn and a good pick me up for that instant energy.
A few of my favorite ways to eat Bananas are a healthy Banana oat pancake. So keep calm & Go Bananas!

#3 Probiotic-Rich Foods

Foods to eat to beat stress
Photo by Athena Kavis on Unsplash

We all have heard that a healthy gut is a healthy you! It is all true and in fact, studies have shown that eating Probiotic-rich foods daily helps in reducing anxiety and stress by reducing activity in the emotional region of the brain.
Apart from reducing stress, probiotics are good for gut health, increase metabolism, reduces the risk of Type 2 diabetes, and improves bone health.
My favorite probiotic-rich foods are Greek yogurt ( always up for smoothie bowl), Kimchi with my salad or, by itself and a Citrus Kombucha.

#4 Nuts

Foods to eat when feeling stressed- Nuts
Photo by Marcos Paulo Prado on Unsplash

Nuts to the rescue from going nuts 😛 Okay just to clarify I am not talking about the processed trail mix that we always end up eating and finishing the entire pack before we even realize. I am talking about non-processed nuts like- Almond, walnuts, pistachios, cashews, or even peanuts ( hello peanut butter!).

Nuts are rich in antioxidants, Zinc, and Vitamin E, all of these are good in boosting your immune system and have essential Vit B which helps reduce stress.

The best thing is that they are easy to carry around in your purse and can be eaten anytime. One more thing you can eat them by itself or add to your smoothies or salads or how about some banana/apple with peanut butter.

My go to mixed nuts –

#5 Whole Carbohydrates

Foods to eat when feeling stressed- Oatmeal
Photo by Olga Kudriavtseva on Unsplash

When it comes to comfort food we all love carbohydrates and tend to go for them. The only difference is that we usually choose Fries & Bread instead of making healthy choices. We forget to realize that Potatoes & bread can be healthy too if we make the right choices. So next time for baked potatoes or sourdough bread.

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Coming to whole carbohydrates the ultimate comfort food is a bowl of Oatmeal. Oats are filled with essential Vitamins & minerals. They also lower your cholesterol and have soluble beta-fibers. So take your pick- Sweet or Savory.

Happy belly Oatmeal 🙂

#6 Turmeric

Foods to eat when feeling stressed
Photo by Sarah Gualtieri on Unsplash

Turmeric has been an old age superfood in South Asian families. Curcumin which is the compound found in turmeric helps fight anxiety, stress & depression. Few studies have shown that it is as effective as Prozac but with lesser side-effects.
The best way to consume this incredible spice is with milk. Did someone say Turmeric latte?
If you are not a fan of milk then a few other ways you can consume it is with juice/shots.

Sharing my all-time favorite recipe here.

#7 Dark Chocolate

Foods to eat when feeling stressed
Photo by Tetiana Bykovets on Unsplash

I have saved the best for the last. Studies have shown that eating 1.4 ounces of Dark chocolate can help reduce anxiety & stress. It is rich in antioxidants and reduces inflammation in our bodies. And the benefits of eating dark chocolate don’t just affect your brain health – previous studies have found that dark chocolate can also lower the risk of cardiovascular disease.

So now we finally have a reason to keep a stock of chocolate at home. The recommended percentage for a bar of healthy dark chocolate is above 70 percent.
Sharing with a few of my favorites-

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