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Europe has some of the most romantic destinations and is considered the top continent that people search for countries to visit for their honeymoon or for romantic getaways.

A European city break or a romantic weekend is just what you need to spice things up in your relationship. And since we’re still in the month of love I thought I’d list out 11 most romantic holidays for couples in Europe.

You can use this list as a reference guide while planning your honeymoon, your next romantic holiday or just to whisk away your partner for the weekend.


1. Cinque Terre, Italy

You’d be surprised as to how many people pick Cinque Terre as their honeymoon destination. If you’re among those wondering why here’s a glimpse.

Cinque Terre is an Italian seaside town consisting of 5 brightly coloured villages. Each fishing village is unique in their own right.

The name Cinque Terre literally translates to “Five Lands”. It offers amazing panoramic views of the Italian Riviera coastline from its terraced landscape and harbours.

The whole region is connected via a single railway line and is a national park called the Parco Nazionale delle Cinque Terre, or Cinque Terre National Park. It was Italy’s first national park.

Romantic Things To Do

You and your loved one can take a wine tasting tour, gorge on some delicious seafood and stay for the beautiful sunset in one of the villages along the coast. Alternatively, you can also opt for a sunset boat tour that is equally stunning.

This region is known to be the birthplace of pesto sauce so don’t forget to try it out while here. You should also try the Limoncello while here and maybe visit a lemon orchard.

The Ligurian coast of Cinque Terre and its rugged, uneven landscape make it to the UNESCO World Heritage Site list for providing cultural value.

Having heard all this wouldn’t you want your honeymoon to be here too? If you’re already past that stage, then you can always whisk away your significant other to Cinque Terre to celebrate your anniversary.

2. San Sebastián, Spain

San Sebastián makes for a perfect romantic getaway. It has an idyllic landscape, stunning beaches and mouth watering cuisine.

Romantic Things To Do

Explore the Old Town for some historic views or head to the coved beach for the sunset and sea views. You can also stroll around Monte Igueldo for an aerial view of the bay.

If you and your partner like adventure sports, Igueldo is the place for you’ll. You’ll can try the Monte Igueldo Amusement Park where you’ll find multiple fun rides and a scenic roller coaster. You can take a funicular to the top.

If you’ll feel a little more adventurous then you can opt to take surf lessons at any of the surf schools on one of the four beaches of San Sebastián.

The San Sebastián Aquarium is also a popular tourist attraction so if you love sea life then you can check this out.

This romantic Basque city has something for everyone!

3.Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam’s old charm beauty has been seducing couples to holiday there for years. The best time to visit Amsterdam is spring when the flower fields are in full blossom and vibrant in colour.

Romantic Things To Do

The capital city of The Netherlands has fairy-lit bridges that you can peddle under with your lover. You can reserve a table for two in the cutesy cafes adorning the streets as a date night special.

Amsterdam is known as a bicycle city so rent a tandem bicycle and cycle your way along or above the picturesque canals. You can also learn about the local culture by taking a walking tour of the city or visit the fascinating museums.

During the evening, take your loved one for a stroll along the tree-lined canals. Or rent a pedal boat from Centraal Station and explore the 17th-century waterways. Doesn’t this sound like just what you need for a couple’s getaway?

You can also watch a movie in one of the most beautiful cinemas in the world, the Pathé Tuschinski. They showcase arthouse films and blockbusters likewise. The auditorium also doubles up as a stage for classical performances such as opera, orchestra, and ballet.

Take some time to explore the lovely neighbourhood of Jordaan. This area has the most historic courtyards (hofjes). You’ll find boutiques selling trinkets, antiques at the Noordermarkt square market. Amsterdam is also home to many charming book markets so if you or your partner are bibliophiles then you know which spot to hit up

If you’re visiting Amsterdam in winter, then take your trip around the time when the Amsterdam Light Festival is held and you can witness beautiful light sculptures lit up at night.

A romantic weekend here is just what you need to get away from the work stress.

Amsterdam has something for everyone. So, surprise your better half with a trip here and make him/her go amsterDAMN! (you know I was going to say this, right?)

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4.Venice, Italy

Venice oozes romance. This Italian city consists of hundreds of small islands connected by bridges with the Grand Canal at the centre so you have a picturesque landscape right there.

Romantic Things To Do

Imagine you and your partner taking a gondola ride for two through the Italian canals or, better yet, watching an Italian sunset with a vino in one hand and holding your love’s hand in the other. Mamma mia, che bella!

The best views of Venice though are from the San Giorgio Maggiore Campanile. Apart from the panoramic view of the city, you’ll also be able to see the many islands spread over the lagoon

For a different sunset experience, you can catch it at Venice’s romantic central square, St. Marks Square. Or if you like sunsets on water, you can head to the Grand Canal and stand atop the 16th century Rialto Bridge or Ponte di Rialto.

Another trip you could try out which is 10 km from St. Mark’s Square is a water bus ride over the marshes to Torcello island. Have a lazy lunch or picnic in the idyllic atmosphere there.

If you or your partner love seeing colourful houses and want to take a ride through the canal watching them then that’s the sight that will greet you post a 30 minute boat ride to Burano Island. You can pick a half day tour for the same or try it on your own.

There’s a vineyard closeby so you can try and sign up for a tour of it too. You can also book popular wine tasting and winery tours around Venice or you can opt for the food tour which is e qually scrumptious.

You can walk through the alleyways on cobbled streets and click pictures galore. And don’t forget to indulge in some delicious gelato. I guarantee you’ll be having it for days.

You can also walk hand in hand on the long promenade of Zattere. It is known to be the most romantic neighbourhood in Venice. Venice also has great nightlife so if you’re in the mood to party or celebrate then Venice shall not disappoint.

Venice makes for an ideal romantic holiday if all you want to do is relax and take in the scenery. But having said that, if you want to explore the tourist attractions while here then you’ll be greeted with crowds and queues.

5.Paris, France

The romantic holidays list wouldn’t be complete without the City of Love now, would it? Paris makes it to every Romantic Destinations or Romantic Getaways list. There’s a reason why the phrase “Paris Je T’aime” is popular.

Although, honestly, if you heard the French speak or if you’re learning the language you’ll realise that anything said in French sounds romantic… Je T’aime, Mon Amour, Bisous, café…

Romantic Things To Do

Sipping thé in a café to warm yourselves up or enjoying a candlelit dinner in a restaurant overlooking the magically-lit Eiffel Tower.

Paris is an epitome of romance and you’ll realise that once you step foot in this alluring city. A romantic cruise down the Seine or watching the sparkling lights at night of the Eiffel Tower will remind you of that. Sigh!

You can enjoy a quintessential Parisian meal in a bistro or stroll on Champs-Élysées. Paris is an old classic that never fails to mesmerise.

Even the cemeteries are “romantic” here. They are the resting place of great luminaries like Edith Piaf and Oscar Wilde. Whaaat?!

And we all know how popular French kisses are 😉

6.Florence, Italy

If your significant other is an art aficionado then Florence is the place for your next romantic holiday. Florence possesses some truly great art treasures and charming properties with amazing views of the hills.

romantic holidays for couples in Europe: iceland

Romantic Things To Do

There’s literally a section on the Internet with people asking “where can I propose in Florence?”, and there’s a bunch of places in Florence that have made it to the list. So you know why this Italian city has made it to the list.

Here’s a couple just for your reference if you’re looking to head to Florence to pop the question anytime soon.

  1. Piazzale Michelangelo tops the list because it is quite literally at the top of a hill and provides a panoramic view of the city of Florence
  2. Giardino di Boboli or The Boboli Gardens is the largest garden in Florence and a famous tourist spot as well. This work of art was designed by the Medici family and you have statues, tunnels, caves made of plants and flowers. Walk along the Tuscan tree-lined pathways and when you reach the point where you get a fantastic view of the city, go down on one knee and pop the question.
  3. Giardino Bardini is another popular garden and quite romantic too. Come spring, and you’ll be able to ask the all-important question under a canopy of purple wisteria surrounded by colorful flowers and a stunning view of the Florence below.
  4. Ponte Vecchio or Old Bridge is one of the most charming spots for a proposal if you and your partner are all for sunset views and hues. It does get crowded so you’ll have to pick a time accordingly.
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A sunset river cruise down the Arno is the perfect way to end your romantic vacay or to celebrate your partner’s acceptance of your proposal. The bridges over the river make for great picnic spots and romantic dates.

If you’ll like adventure then two spots in the city will pique your interest, Duomo and Campanile di Giotto. To get to the top of the former, you have to climb hundreds of steps (approx. 400). Walking around the top of the Cathedral provides you with an amazing 360 degree view of the city below.

The latter is a bell tower or campanile and is another spot that provides you a panoramic view of Florence. From here you can admire the Duomo as well.

Apart from these, you have great museums and art galleries around the city to immerse yourself into.

FYI Florence, and Italy in general, is a popular destination for weddings. (hint hint!)

7. Barcelona, Spain

If your partner loves his/her share of fun, excitement and frolic then head to Barcelona. This Catalan city is home to many architectural works of Antoni Gaudí. Barcelona is an amalgamation of natural beauty, architectural wonders, thrill, culture, romance, food and wine.

romantic holidays for couples in Europe: iceland

Romantic Things To Do

Plan a romantic picnic at Park Güell, take a tour of the vibrant city, sit and chill at the beach to catch the sunset and end the day by going bar hopping.

You can walk along the tree-lined pedestrian street of Las Ramblas and take in the sights and sounds. Grab tickets to watch a flamenco performance that also includes wine and tapas occasionally. 

A walking tour of the city is never a bad idea. It gives you insights into the city’s history and culture. End the tour by gorging on some delicious cuisine and sipping on sangria. Alternatively, there are a couple of rooftop bars in La Rambla so you can opt for those with a 360 degree view of the city.

Don’t forget to try Spain’s most popular dish and a recent favourite of mine, the paella. On my recent trip to the Canary Islands I had this dish multiple times and loved every bit of it.

Visit the famous Casa Milà (La Pedrera) popularly known as Gaudí Building literally translating to “The stone quarry”. It is an unconventional building designed by the architect Antoni Gaudí and commissioned by Pere Milà and Roser Segimon. Hence the names.

Or better yet, take the guided night tour of this tourist attraction and admire it in special lighting and stairwell projections.

As a bonus, you can kiss in front of a kiss. A massive romantic mosaic made by the photographer Joan Fontcuberta is located in the heart of the city’s Gothic Quarter known as El Mundo Nace en Cada Beso (“The World Begins with Every Kiss”). It is a painting of two lips kissing that is actually made of hundreds of Barcelona residents.

Barcelona is perhaps one of the liveliest european destinations but it helps you find that perfect balance between chilling and partying. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

8. Copenhagen, Denmark

If fairytales are what your woman believes in, take her on a holiday where she can be a part of one. Copenhagen is the perfect romantic holiday with a fairytale setting.

This chic capital city of Denmark has picturesque sights everywhere you look.

romantic holidays for couples in Europe: iceland

Romantic Things To Do

Copenhagen will introduce you to a mermaid, a fortress, cobbled streets along townhouses and dragons. Perfect backdrop for the next HBO venture, huh?

You’ll find The Little Mermaid sculpture at the Langelinje Pier. You’ll find the intertwined dragon spire atop the tower on Børsen or Old Stock Exchange.

The Tivoli Gardens has a nice mix of garden and amusement rides. Some say that these gardens inspired Disneyland so you get a rough idea of what’s in store. Ride the ferris wheel or take a stroll around the scenic garden, either way I’m sure you’ll feel like you’re in fairy tale land.

Nyhavn is the entertainment district of Copenhagen. This 17th-century waterfront and canal houses multiple harbour-side restaurants that you can dine at.

A unique way to explore the city sights would be to rent a Christiania Bike. It was initially a cargo bike built by a blacksmith in Freetown Christiania but it has now become a popular mode of transport among couples for utilitarian reasons. Copenhagen is one of the most bike-friendly cities in Europe so you needn’t worry about paths and routes.

Remember how I said Parisian cemeteries are “romantic”? Well, Copenhagen has a version of its own, the Bispebjerg Cemetery at Nordvest. In spring this city hotspot is abuzz with couples walking under cherry blossomed trees.

End your trip with a romantic dinner at the top of Christiansborg Palace. This high-end restaurant serves Nordic cuisine and provides you a stunning view from the city’s highest tower.

9. Reykjavik, Iceland

This might seem unusual, having Reykjavik on the list of most romantic holidays but it is one of the most unique romantic places on this list. The Northern Lights, amazing landscapes and chill atmosphere (quite literally!) add to its romantic vibe.

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romantic holidays for couples in Europe: iceland

Romantic Things To Do

The weather is super cold so you get to snuggle in the arms of your loved one and sip on hot chocolate while stargazing at night. Ah bliss!

Fancy an igloo stay or a steaming hot tub cuddle? Reykjavik has you and your partner covered. There’s no dearth of experiences in this Nordic city.

Summer and Winter in Reykjavik both have their own unique charm to it.

Summer in Reykjavik officially spans just three months of the year – June, July and August. This is when you can relax along the shoreline to catch the ephemeral sunset but you’ve to be quick because the sun only sets for about three hours in the entire day. And on some days you’ll be able to see the midnight sun.

You can also explore the village atmosphere with cutesy colourful houses dotting the way or take a long stroll along the tranquil lake Tjörnin and see the swans and geese swimming and waddling about.

Winter in Reykjavik spans the months of September to March and usually means shorter days as it is dark most of the time. But this is also the time that you’ll get to witness the Northern Lights as they aren’t visible in the summer months. Reykjavik looks beautiful covered in snow.

For some unique experiences, take the Northern Lights adventure tour or ride on an Icelandic horse around town. Another wonderful experience is the Snaefel​lsnes Peninsula tour wherein you get to see the mountains, waterfalls, glaciers, cliffs and beaches. It is a good mix of beautiful landscape and shorelines.

If you’re up for some more adventure share a ride with your partner on the snowmobile. After all those adventure activities, if relaxation is on your mind then, opt for the Laugar Spa which is considered one of the best spa experiences in Reykjavik. It has steam rooms, saunas and is great for some R&R.

You can also book a dip in the Blue Lagoon which is the most popular attraction of Iceland. The Blue Lagoon is a white silica-rich spring that you can bathe in to relax and calm yourself.

10. Berlin, Germany

If I had to recommend just one time or season when you should visit Germany with your loved one I’d definitely say during December when it’s Christmas market season.

romantic holidays for couples in Europe

Romantic Things To Do

The world-famous Christmas markets in Germany are charming, romantic and worth visiting at least once with your significant other (I reckon you’ll be back for more though)

Christmas is a magical time of the year and the whole city is lit up for this joyous occasion. Berlin is host to three very famous Christmas markets, the Winterwelt am Potsdamer Platz, Gendarmenmarkt Christmas market and Alexanderplatz Christmas Market (Mitte) but the largest one is in the old town of Spandau.

Berliners consider the Winterwelt their favourite and it’s the only one that opens from the start of November. Apart from these, you’ll find numerous others sprouted all across the city. Berlin literally becomes Winter Wonderland.

You’ll find indoor and outdoor markets with tents selling local delicacies, amusement rides, fun fairs and ice skating to keep you revelling for hours together. Don’t forget to have mulled wine while here.


11. Bruges, Belgium

Artisanal chocolates, frites and lively pubs replete with a variety of beer, what more do you need? I can tell you that that’s enough to win over a woman.

Romantic Things To Do

Add to the above, the cute cafés where you can take your woman on that anniversary date you’ve been wanting to. Bruges has the perfect recipe for a romantic holiday.

What’s more it even has a Lake of Love, the Minnewater Lake, and a Bridge of Love, Bonifacius Bridge. You should go book your tickets right away!

If a change in scenery is what you’re looking for then take a walk along the canals to admire the charming medieval village houses that seem like they’ve come out of a fairytale.

If you’re in the mood to splurge a little for your honeymoon/anniversary, instead of a boutique hotel, you have the option of staying in a castle hotel in Bruges. Hotel Dukes’ Palace is located in the heart of the city and welcomes guests in a royal manner, you get champagne and Belgian chocolate on arrival.

Not to mention the stunning interiors and royal feels in the room and throughout the property. Add to it the Markt and the historic city center are just a short walk away. So, this makes for a perfect romantic stay.

I hope you enjoyed this round up of the top 11 most romantic cities for couples in Europe. Let us know in the comments where you are headed!


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